Breaking News: Fukushima recriticality again

Tepco and the government stupidly declared that they can “cold shut down” Fukushima plants by the end of this year.(Source)

However, it turned out that Iodine-131 is still found in Tokyo. Half life time of Iodine 131 is 8 days.

According to Tokyo shimbun 10/18/2011, citizens in Hachioji Tokyo, where is one of the worst hot spots around in Tokyo, measured Iodine-131 from the dirt in a gutter.

The gutter is in a public park. Scared citizens measured the gutter, it was 0.38 uSv/h.

They took out the soil and sent to a lab on 9/30/2011.

The lab published the result on 10/3/2011.

The data showed:

  • Iodine-131 = 179 Bq/Kg
  • Cs = 8,434 Bq/Kg

The point is, it was in the soil so it has not been affected by medical usage of Iodine.

On 10/1/2011, I posted the article to show Iodine was measured at several different points in Japan.

However, the Iodine was measured in August.

So this case may prove Fukushima went back to recriticality after that again.

Also, 10/3/2011, 32 Bq/Kg of Iodine-131 was measured in sewage sludge of Kawasaki, which is south of Tokyo.(Source)

File 47

Even apart from Iodine, extremely high levesl of radiation is detected in Tokyo. (only gamma ray)

10/17/2011, they measured 3.99 uSv/h at an elementary school in Adachi ku.(Source)

They are even measured from tea leaves too.

10/18/2011, Tokyo local government announced they measured 550~690 Bq/Kg from tea leaves.

The tea leaves were produced in Tokyo, Musashimaruyamashi, Mizuho cho, Akiruno shi. They were harvested in May. (Source)

They were luckily stopped distributing ,but the national “safety limit” of 500 Bq/ Kg is lethal.

Even if it’s only 10 Bq/Kg from all of your meals, 3 times a day, if you keep having it for 200 days, your body will contain 1,000 Bq.

If you weigh about 60Kg, your body will be a radioactive waste of 17 Bq/Kg.

This calculation is based on the most pro-nuc “safety “standard, ICRP.

Before 3/10/2011, you were forbidden to take out of 4 Bq/Kg of radioactive material from lab.

  1. October. We were supposed to be going to the store, but instead we went to visit her relatives at their seaside home southwest of Tokyo. The charming couple whisked us off for a picnic. Their stylish wicker basket was packed with rice balls wrapped in seaweed. “It’s shinmai (freshly harvested rice)” they proudly informed me. “Please eat up!” Back at their place, they served homemade yogurt which they enjoy every day for their health. I asked what they use to make it. They showed me a carton of mass-produced (blended) milk, “Meiji” brand. “Won’t you have a second helping?”
    On our way home I reminded my friend about stopping at the store. I wanted to buy some bananas, and joked that they might be safe, being imported, and that their potassium content might help prevent the absorption of cesium. She looked puzzled. “What’s cesium?”

  2. Forgive me, but I have to say this in public: F*ck those evil and incompetent bastards. What have they done to their people?!?!!

    1. MX your description of the Japanese Government is way too kind and I would just like to add WHERE THE F@CK IS THE UNITED NATIONS, oh how stupid of me, NO OIL IN JAPAN IS THERE!

  3. Dear Mochizuki-san,

    So where is the Iodine 131 coming from? I assume the three reactor cores are far underground now. Spent fuel pools? This is strange.

    Keep up your great work.


    1. Steam coming from the reactor cores underground meeting groundwater will emerge from geysers as fog and plumes in the sea the levels will go up not down for our life times and we hope that the re-criticality will subside however leaving this hemisphere is a good idea.

    1. Mikkai,
      not sure if you’re using the european way of using decimals but the pdf that you link to says 2.7 months, meaning just under 3 months. that means just by looking at the numbers the plant was releasing i-131 until about july. that in itself is bad enough.

      however, there are also minimum detection limits, meaning that if the i-131 was there for say 2 months and was almost fully decayed it probably wouldn’t be detected, you would probably need a whole lot more “fresh” i-131 to be able to detect it in the first place, and for it to be at those levels.

  4. On the basis of my work on Indian infant mortalities and still births due to nuclear activities from 1945, and data available albeit in a fuzzy manner about Fukushima release of radiation, I estimate 25 million infant mortalities due to Fukushima in India in the years to come.
    The basis for the estimate is the figure computed for Chernobyl as given in my URL
    Table MIMSB7189A:
    The figure there for Chernobyl’s contribution to infant mortalities including still births(IMSB) for India is 664234(1986 to 1989). The rate for infant mortality is assumed there to be the same as for still births. The infant mortality and still birth rate data and census figures are from official statistics both for prenuclear era and post nuclear era.
    ENENEWS,  headlines have reported 20 Chernobyl core radiation level in reactor water and 20 Chernobyl core fuel exposure radiation from spent fuel pools. Applying the precautionary principle regarding the robustness of these data, we may have to reckon with 40 Chernobyls worth of radiation which on a proportionate basis to that given for Chernobyl  IMSB in the above referred table is 40×664234 or say 25 million IMSB in the years to come on account of Fukushima Daichi alone.
    These are early days but deaths do not wait for a better assessment unless they reveal better truthful  factual data which they may have with them.

  5. This iodine is obviously coming from some bottles in some basement. People do not be alarmed by radiation it is all around you. You will get more from an x-ray or going on an airplane.

    Of course I am being sarcastic. I will say it again as I have been since March. Get out of at least the Honshu island ASAP. I fear though for those within 100km to Fukushima it is already too late.

  6. This has not yet been reported in the news but yokosuka is the first city to start testing for radiation in school lunches. This is a small victory for us parents and a starting point for pushing for other cities to do the same and for pushing for more thorough testing before lunch is fed to the kids. Letters were sent out to parents oct. 6th. informing us of this and the test results will be posted on the yokosuka city homepage on Oct 24th.

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