[Column] Ocean

Tepco decided to exterminate all the fish in Fukushima nuclear plant port.
(cf, Tepco to exterminate fish in Fukushima plant port [URL])

They are going to install fence this March so the fish don’t go offshore.
It is to stop them spreading contamination to the ocean.

There are few people to sympathize fish, but the fish is in the very similar situation to human beings.

They got forced to be exposed one day, all of a sudden, for no reason.
Getting exterminated, which looks like nothing but the destruction of evidence to show the actual contamination level.
They are not even allowed to escape “to stop contamination spreading” though the gov is spreading the disaster debris to all around in Japan.

Fish and human are different.
but we are controlled by the same people. The measurements come from the same idea.
For them, lives are just number.

This is where nuclear started.
Radiation leaked, just hide it. Deformation was found, just kill it. Still birth increased, just give it another reason.

and now we are seeing where the nuclear arrives.

Most of the people think it’s just fish.
However, you can’t forget a serial killer starts with small animals.
In the historical public pollution “Minamata”, the first “victims” were cats.

In March 2011, we were forced to be exposed all of a sudden, for no reason.
Even though we have health problems, nobody admits it was caused by radiation, and we are simply let die, just like destruction of evidence. No one gives us proper treatment.
I’m somewhat afraid they may put some fence one day.

Everything has its beginning. It’s always tiny and easy to miss.
It might be something irrelevant. It might be you to be over sensitive.
but it grows faster than you ever expected and one day it knocks on your door.
Then you are the tiny and ignorable one for the grown monster.




Français :

[Édito] Océan

Tepco a décidé d’éradiquer tous les poissons du port de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima.
(cf. Tepco va éradiquer les poissons du port de la centrale de Fukushima [Lien])

Ils vont installer une barrière en mars pour que les poissons ne puissent pas s’en aller au large.
C’est pour les empêcher de diffuser la contamination dans l’océan.

Il y a quelques personnes pour défendre les poissons mais le poisson est dans une situation très semblable à celle des humains.

Ils ont été obligés à être exposés un jour, d’un coup, sans raison.
Les exterminer, ça ne ressemble à rien d’autre qu’à une destruction de preuve montrant le véritable niveau de contamination.
Ils n’ont même pas la possibilité de s’échapper “pour empêcher la diffusion de la contamination” alors que le gouvernement dissémine les débris de la catastrophe dans tout le Japon.

Poissons et humains sont différents.
mais nous sommes sous le contrôle des mêmes gens. Les mesures suivent la même idée.
Pour eux, les vies ne sont que des nombres.

Voici comment le nucléaire a commencé.
La radioactivité a fuit, on le cache. On trouve des déformations, on les tue. Les fausses couches augmentent, on trouve une autre raison.

et à présent on voit où le nucléaire veut en arriver.

La plupart des gens pensent que ce ne sont que des poissons.
Toutefois, on ne peut oublier qu’un serial killer commence par se faire la main sur les petits animaux.
Au cours de la célèbre pollution de “Minamata”, les premières victimes ont été les chats.

En mars 2011, on nous a forcés à être subitement irradiés, sans raison.
Bien que nous ayons des problèmes de santé, personne ne veut admettre que c’est à cause de la radioactivité et on laisse simplement mourir, juste comme une destruction de preuve. Personne ne nous donne de traitement approprié.
Je crains que d’une certaine façon ils installent des barrières un jour.

Tout a un début. C’est toujours petit et on peut facilement le manquer.
Ça n’a peut-être rien à voir. C’est peut-être vous qui êtes hypersensible.
mais ça se développe plus vite que ce à quoi vous vous attendiez et un jour ça frappe à votre porte.
Vous êtes alors une tout petite chose négligeable pour le monstre qui a grandit.





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5 Responses to “[Column] Ocean”

  1. terry evans says:

    Look at it as progress

    The fence is the final wall for the new
    common spent fuel pool.

    Why would fish be of any concern to these people

  2. Marberger, Paul says:

    Greetings, Mochizukishi.

    I have a question about the following;
    “(…) the government is spreading disaster debris all over Japan.”
    I am sorry, but this information has eluded me. I would love to gain more knowledge on this particular subject. Do you have a reference for this, or could I ask you to please explain in further detail?

    Thank you for this important spreading of information.

    I hope the Fukushima situation will bring important changes to the world power situation.

    Best wishes,

  3. Richard Gaines says:

    It is a shame that this catastrophe of greed, scientific arrogance and short sightedness has happened and will probably happen again (possibly even much worse than this).

    It seems to me that this is an attempt to save the fishing industry (at the expense of many peoples life and health) and also to save some people from eating a fish whose radio nuclide count is off the charts. I do not like to think about the fate of all the creatures and fish in the Fukushima port. I also do not like to think about the fate of all the creatures who succumb to the devastation of factory trawlers (and all plastic floating in the ocean). This has not yet stopped me from eating fish but for me it does influence how often I do, what type of fish I eat, and where I get them from (geographically and otherwise). For a large part, I can not help but be a party to this when I get my fish from the big grocery stores and restaurant chains.

    I think the people at TEPCO are now just trying to save what they can out of a horrible situation they now find themselves a party too. The ones who don’t get it yet, are still trying to save the nuclear industry. Most of them are not greedy thoughtless people trying to do things for their benefit at the expense of others. I wish those in charge (or who will be in charge) can come to understand the incalculable costs and dangers of the nuclear industry and start making decisions with this measured realization in mind.

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