Mt. Fuji is melting its snow

Though it was the season when Mt. Fuji has the most snow, snow is already disappearing.

From December to January, most of the snow melted only within a month. Mt. Fuji is heated.


↓ 12/10/2011

Mt. Fuji is melting its snow


↓ 1/13/2012

Mt. Fuji is melting its snow2


Citizens near Mt. Fuji talks they haven’t seen such a thing.








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13 Responses to “Mt. Fuji is melting its snow”

  1. Nico says:

    Hi i appreciate the effort to put together the blog, what do you think about the israel being in charge of the security through a company called magna that jim stone talks about?
    take a look –>

  2. Jay says:

    Iori Mochizuki
    This may explain:
    Respect and sincerity for all your work. May it help people learn and survive.
    Yours Jay.

  3. Louise says:

    I don’t understand: I took a picture this morning with a total white capped Mount Fuji. You can see it at my blog. Please have a look.

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  5. Jay says:

    Iori Mochizuki
    I ought to have checked myself, Louise is perhaps correct. You may view the Fuji Mountain on several live web-cams here :
    or in English here:
    Simple research is useful, I trust the live is live.

  6. True33 says:

    Why don’t you share with us photos of Feb and March and April?

    I am sure a lot of us appreciate what you are doing, and giving, appreciate your sense of valor and righteousness; but I have to admit I am detecting quite a bit of ‘Selected Information that presents a Sway’. Of course you are not a commercial or professional reporter, not abiding to the general conduct of news-reporting and the general consensus is pro towards having a different voice besides the government or any political bodies.

    Let’s just say keep up the good work, may Mount Fuji sleep forever.

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  8. jack allen myers says:

    there is nothing nowadays more corrupt than the news media world-wide. they have no morals, no valor, no truth. they only say what they are paid to say. government agencys have provided ample proof of increasing seismicity in the “ring of fire” and whats really weird about these people like true33 criticizing your diary is eveyone knows about the tragedys recently in Japan. i know one thing, you can’t hide an erupting volcano. if fuji is heating up as many of the ring of fire volcanos’ certainly are according to the various gov.agencys, talk won’t matter one way or another. if lava starts pouring out i hope true 33 is around to witness the reality that people who live near these and other potential natural disasters do every day. lets just say the only suspicious comments around here are yours. why do you haunt this site? in the years to come we will know the truth. you can’t hide. these types of sites are the only hope for people seeking true reportage.poor as they are. the global media do nothing but lie incessantly. .j.

  9. Masayuki Horio says:

    I’ve been highly appreciating your effort to publish important information on Fukushima and some earthquake issues. However, this Mt Fuji issue is quite misleading. To keep the value level of this sort of report the editor has to put his/her responsibility on providing as much information keeping the skepticism to reach the reality. As for this case Mt Fuji accumulated snow later and the snow cap level is not much different at least from last year’s. Mt Fuji could be close to eruption. But simple connection of different evidence without much skepticism is just making a rumor.

  10. Joe Chapman says:

    I’d just like to back up what Masayuki Horio wrote above. I think it’s important to stick to having a scientific mind.

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