Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2

Following up this article..The second endoscope operation is planned for 3/26 and 27

Tepco announced the endoscope (20m long) operation on 3/26/2012.

They found out the water level was only 60cm above from the bottom of container vessel in reactor2. Probably the bottom of container vessel is damaged.

The atmospheric temperature was 44.5~44.9℃, temperature of the water was 48.5~50.0℃. Atmospheric dose was 6.1 Sv/h.

The exposure dose of the workers were 5.29mSv/ man・day.

18 employees from Tepco, 16 employees from Toshiba operated from 9:40~12:30 on 3/26/2012.


Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2


Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 2


Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 3


Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 4


Water level was only 60cm from the bottom in reactor2 5


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  1. I don’t really understand this. If there was that little water does that mean that the rods were above water? How come the temperature was so cool for both atmosphere and water?
    Great work by the way doing thei site for everyone thank you.

  2. Related to low level of water found in Reactor 2, and 2nd article on waste found, another citizen has found further highly radioactive waste in Tokyo. The highly radioactive and putrid wast was found wearing a suit and tie and had a label attached to it that said “Hosono Bozo”. The waste actually talked when measured by a gieger counter that went off scale, and the waste said: “trust me, I am telling the truth, honestly, there is no more radiation in Japan, we decontaminated it all. trust me, trust me. Wont anybody trust me?”. Such liars and scum destroy many peoples health and lives by spreading radioactive items like food, water, ash, cement, rocks, wood, and trash around Japan and even around the world, in order for them to make all Japanese suffer equally. Hosono bozo and his corrupt govcernment cronies should be put in an insane asylum as they are truly lunatics to make such an effort to spread radiation around when any sane person would know radiation must be safely isolated.

  3. The 6.1Sv/h figure does not belong in this report. Its just a CAMS reading, readings which have been available since early in the disaster, and that are not reliable. Its not something they measured as part of this investigation inside the containment of reactor 2.

    But today they did do a new measurement of radiation levels inside containment, and the figure is much higher. They did not get close to the water at the bottom but the highest reading they measured was 72.9 Sv/h


  4. Let all talk about water levels instead of what radionuclides are being detected and at what measured amounts…

    This is yet another tiny “fluffy” news release from TEPCO which do nothing to describe the situation in and around these massive highly radioactive scrap heaps that TEPCO continues to call REACTORS; imagine someone referring to all the scrap in a junk yard as Honda’s or Toyota’s…

    The Nuclear Industry has lots of money to “sell its Nuclear Baloney (NB)* to the masses!

    Remember to them “Business is War” and they are fighting to save their Market share of the Energy Market; expect them to use every possible tactic they can to push their agenda that Nuclear is the best!

  5. You definitely have a point, CaptD. People are quick to criticize someone because he feels that nuclear power is potentially dangerous. But I mostly base my apprehensions on what Tepco unwillingly admits after great time periods of silence. I notice that most of the information Tepco releases is done well AFTER emergency actions would have been appropriate. For instance, I can hardly imagine what the nerve strain would have been like to be told by Tepco (early on) to stay sealed in my house if I were a certain distance from the reactors. Another example: When the news first came out, Tepco said 6 LITERS of radioactive water had flowed to the sea; then several days later (when it was not such breaking news) they (quietly?) corrected the amount of radioactive water to 45 TONS. Hmmm.. I wonder which amount Tepco wanted people to remember? So provided only with the facts that Tepco begrudgingly divulges, I think it would be smart to be very concerned about the nuclear situation in Japan.
    From what I gather on April 7, 2012, the Shiga area in Japan is not ready to let the reactors near there restart. It turns out that a lake near there is the source of water for millions of Japanese. I wonder if the officials there are picturing the ever-growing myriads of contaminated-water storage containers on the Fukushima site? The nearby countries get apoplectic at the thought of Japan discharging nuclear contaminants into the sea, and I don’t blame those other countries. But imagine that those same contaminants are RIGHT THERE in JAPAN (with its limited area of land and high population density) even if those pollutants do not go ANYWHERE. Given that the highly-contaminated radioactive water still leaks frequently from Fukushima, the radioactivity in the air inside reactor 2 is still deadly, Tepco is still planning HOW to decommission the reactors over the next several DECADES, and 10’s of thousands of nuclear refugees have not even been compensated, doesn’t Japan need to take care of the current situation before incurring more possible nuclear risks? Officials of Shiga, PLEASE STAND YOUR GROUND!

  6. Starting to get a lot of nervous out….there seems to be some increased speculation that we could go “O” fer tonight.

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