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Sea contamination

18,700 Bq/Kg from fish in Iidate mura

Following up this article..Fukushima local gov is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river 18,700 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from trout caught in Niidagawa of Iidate mura, Fukushima


Rebelled NHK announcer purged

Following up this article..An NHK spokes man rebelled against NHK NHK decided to close his twitter account. This twitter account was handled by Hori Jun, an NHK announcer. He was


Elementary school has their students search for hotspot around the school

  Japanese elementary school have their students measure radiation at a class and one of them found a hotspot of 0.8μSv/h on the roof of the building. The school is