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Settlement report 3/5/2012

Donation : 75.00 USD Expense : Food 10.00USD, Train 27.00USD Profit : 38.00USD Thank you very much. I’m finally back to my HOME in EU. such a long trip but


Iodine131 measured from tap water in Minamisoma

Citizen’s volunteer group HCR reported Iodine 131 was measured from tap water in Minamisoma. To protect privacy, the name is covered who asked for the analysis. Sample : Water (0.85kg)

Sea contamination

Japanese debris has already arrived at west coast of United States

Fishers bobs and the debris written Japanese are frequently found in west cost of United states, where is 7300km away from Japan. Last weekend, citizens had exhibition of driftage in


8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte

Private institute of radiation risk researcher announced 8 of 17 children have atypical lymphocyte on 3/4/2012. The institute is run by 3 doctors and advised by Dr. Hida, who researched