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Settlement report 3/20

Donation : 122.00USD Expense : Lunch 4.00USD  Dinner 9.50USD Tooth brush 3.00USD Left in hat : 105.50USD     Thank you very much for your support as always. Today I


Imprisoned wife and children

    I would love to begin with the definition of terms.   Me : Emotionally neutral. not meant to criticize anyone but Tepco and Japanese government. Japanese : People


Woman who entered caution zone had sudden death

  Around 11:00 on 3/20/2012, ambulance was called for. The woman (50s) who entered caution zone in Namie machi to take out heavy equipment fell down. She was sent to

Effects to be confirmed

Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction

Following up this article..Cardiac arrest case was doubled after 311 3/14/2012 Mr. Nishida, Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction. At 20:40, he noticed a subjective symptom at