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Domestic and global Environment

2.52μSv/h in Kawasaki

  Highly radioactive garbage was found in a riverbed of Tamagawa Kawasaki, announced by the Keihin Office of River on 3/23/2012. It was 2.52μSv/h at 5cm away from the garbage,


Time restriction to play outside will be lifted in Koriyama

Following up this article..“Don’t play in the park for longer than 1 hour a day” Public elementary school and junior high school in Koriyama Fukushima is going to lift the

Natural disasters

M5.2 offshore Fukushima

M5.2 happened  offshore Fukushima. Iori Mochizuki

Effects to be confirmed

Another man had sudden death on driving in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Former chief editor of President found dead from acute ischemic heart disease At 12:55 on 3/24/2012, a lightweight truck was overturned in Ishikawa machi Fukushima. Mr.


12,100 Bq/Kg from sludge ash

Bureau of sewerage in Tokyo published the measurement data of radiation contained in the incinerated ash of sewage sludge. It is not the incineration ash of radioactive debris, but just