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Settlement report 3/18/2012

Donation : 62.00USD Expense : 0.00USD Rest : 62.00USD   Recently I see Japanese people are giving up their own lives. They don’t even try to live any more. It

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor 4 heated before the Tsunami attack

On 3/11/2011, smoke was coming up from the north side of reactor4 before the first tsunami. You see the smoke on the left of the pictures below.      


130μSv/h in Minamisoma

Mr. Oyama, city councilor of Minamisoma measured 130μSv/h on black substance. Nuclide is not analyzed but when they measured 1,060,000 Bq/kg of cesium, it was 7μSv/h. (The back of the


Fall-out in Fukushima picked up 5 times much as before

Fall-out in Fukushima is picking up since 3/11/2012.         (MBq/km2) 3/10 9:00~3/11 9:00  Cesium 134 ND  Cesium 137 ND 3/11 9:00~3/12 9:00  Cesium 134 : 9.95  


Only 5 people attended at an explanatory meeting to recruit nursery staff in Fukushima

In Minato ku Tokyo, Fukushima prefecture held an explanatory meeting to recruit nursery staff. 27 Fukushima hospitals joined it, but only 5 people attended where they estimated 300 people to