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Settlement report 3/14/2012

Donation : 7.00USD Expense : Package shipping cost to the new place 135.00USD  Sun glasses 35.00USD Rest : -163.00   Thank you for your donation. I wonder if you know


Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer

For the troll to push radioactive debris, Tokushima prefectural government replied the the perfect answer. Man (60) scared of radiation ? No, it’s ignorance to threaten you. “Let’s support North


Ibaraki local gov rebelled against JP gov about fishery product safety limit

  Ibaraki local government and Ibaraki fisherman’s union will ban shipping fishery products which they measured more than 50 Bq/kg after April. Currently, Japanese government set the safety limit of


A Fukushima citizen proved monitoring post was manipulated

Following up this article..Monitoring post manipulated Mr. Ito Nobuyoshi, a Fukushima farmer compared the radiation level of a monitoring post to the one of a different place, and found a


Fall-out is increasing in Fukushima again

  Fall-out level in Fukushima has started increasing again. It has been under 10 MBq/Km2 or ND, but on 3/12/2012, it became as double as before. 3/11/2012 9:00 ~ 3/12/2012


Black substance coming down to Tokyo area

Following up this article..Black substance mass generated The black substance found in Nasu Service area Tochigi as well.   大きな地図で見る   It’s coming down to South as it’s mass generated.


M6 in Chiba Scale 5

    Currently, JR Tokai is still moving. People should seriously consider evacuating from around Tokyo. Mobile phone call is restricted.   Iori Mochizuki

Natural disasters

M6 in North Japan again

Following up this article..M7 and Tsunami alert for North Japan   The epicenter is the same as the last one. It’s 10km deep again. Soon it will arrive at Tokyo.


M7 and Tsunami alert for North Japan

  Tsunami alert for North Japan, pacific ocean side of Aomori, Iwate and Hokkaido. Evacuating alarm is given to those areas. Estimated height of tsunami is 50cm, but because the