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Settlement report 3/6/2012

No report because there was no donation.   I’m thinking of covering the French issue as well. I wonder if anyone can be the administrator of the chat box ?

Food contamination

Evacuated children, urine test positive for cesium

Fukushima citizen who evacuated to Wakayama had cesium measured from urine test of his children. He assumes it’s from Snack, milk, and school lunch.   大大大ショックです。和歌山在住、小6の長男の尿からセシウムが出ました。福島から避難して約1年になります。家では東日本の食材は避けています。給食・牛乳は普通にとらせていました。あとおやつは市販のものを普通に食べていました。まずは牛乳と市販のおやつを止めるしかないですね… — ikuko(反原発!自主避難中) (@ikurann) March

Sea contamination

130 million Bq of cesium has leaked to Tokyo bay in Yokohama

    ↓ Zeolite   Radioactive garbage can be treated as normal garbage if it’s less than 8,000 Bq/kg. Yokohama city deposits incinerated ash of normal garbage at the final

Sea contamination

Highly contaminated water still keeps leaking to the sea

  Mr. Aoyama from Meteorological Research Institute analyzed the decreasing speed of cesium in the ocean. He talks highly contaminated water is probably still leaking to the sea because the


Cesium fall-out observed after the massive gas in the plant

Following up this article..Reactor buildings are hidden by thick smoke In the night of 3/1/2012, massive gas covered Fukushima plants. On the following 2 days of 3/2 and 3/3, cesium

Plant hazard

Reactor crane was removed from reactor 4

  3/5/2012, Tepco removed the reactor crane of 110 tones to pick up nuclear fuel etc.. They will scrap the crane, shield highly contaminated parts. Tepco is planning to remove


“Pu 239 will be detected at high doses”

Following up this article..Accepting academic report tells,they detected thousands of Bq of neptunium239 in Iidate mura in March. The academic report about neptunium 239 has been published.   Summary  


Smoke from around reactor 3

At this moment, white gas is being around reactor 3. It seems to fly to near reactor 4 and 2 depending on the direction of wind.       Iori