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Settlement report 3/21

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Separated Japanese

Japanese is not scared of dying if it’s with everyone, but scared of living alone. On the other hand, Japanese is starting to lose the sense of community.   Japan


4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish

  Fisheries agency measured 4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish, and 1,920 Bq/Kg from rockfish last december. The data is already removed from their website. Also, on 3/21/2012, Prof. Ishimaru from Tokyo


Possible black substance in Tokyo

HCR reported possible black substance in Tokyo. It was found in a park in Ayase Adachiku Tokyo.   @HCR_OPCOM 【黒い粉】東京都内も酷い汚染。足立区綾瀬の公園、学校周辺、最高地点で3.829μSv/hr。2μSv/hrを超える箇所も多数。… — kat3 (@kat3_x) March 21, 2012   <Translate> [Black


Reactor 2 is reaching 80℃

Following up this article..Temperature of reactor 2 increased by 11℃ within a week Since 3/19/2012, the temperature of reactor 2 has increased by over 8℃.   2012/3/20 11:00 70.0 2012/3/21

Effects to be confirmed

Former chief editor of President found dead from acute ischemic heart disease

Following up this article..Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction Mr. Kabayama, the former chief editor of President (A Japanese business magazine) was found dead from acute ischemic