Chief editor of a magazine was arrested after criticizing Tepco


The chief editor of the magazine “Toyo Keizai” was arrested for molestation.
Omori metropolitan police department caught him touching the hip of 2 woman (20s and 30s) on Keihintohoku line, between Shinagawa and Omori. He was deeply drunk.

His magazine is known to criticize Tepco.
The latest issue was published the day before he was arrested, which is about government’s financing to Tepco.

On this issue, he is criticizing that the government’s financial support to Tepco is too risky.
60% of the nuclear plants will be abandoned by being too old in 15 years.

He also pointed out Tepco is resisting compensation to the citizens in Futabamachi Fukushima and east Japan has turned out not to need nuclear plants.

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