Tepco reduced 60% of the sub contract workers at Fukushima plants

On average, this winter Tepco employees will be paid 2 million yen bonus for some reason.

However, most of the Fukushima workers are from their sub contract companies.

At Upper House Budget Committee of 11/21/2011, it became clear that sub contract companies had to reduce about 60% of the workers because of Tepco’s cost cutting.

They can not afford to buying proper facility, such as waste drum cans, protective clothes and drivers etc..

Tepco tells them that it is because they are short of cash due to compensation.

However, their accounting system goes like below,

Profit = 4.4% of total cost

So the more cost they make, the more they must earn.

Their excuse that they don’t have money so they must reduce workers does not make any sense.


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