1.3 Sv/h at reactor 3

At the press conference of Tepco, 11/16/2011, Tepco published the video when a robot cleaned a rail in reactor 3.

A helmet is in the sight sometimes. Tepco used a robot because the radiation level is too high in reactor 3, but the video was taken by a human worker.

At first, the radiation level is “only” 700 mSv/h, but it jumps up to 1,300 mSv/h.

Still, the video was being taken by a human worker.

The types of nuclides or any other details are still concealed.

The video was taken in 11/14/2011 (JST).

TEPCO was pretending to be modernized by using a robot to check dangerous areas, but this video shows it’s only a pose, they still use human workers even in the presence of 1.3 Sv/h.


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