Triathlon to be held in Haruna lake in Gunma, “80 million pond smelt eggs extinct, 340 Bq/Kg from surviving fish”

According to Takasaki city government in Gunma, they are going to hold triathlon in Haruna lake this summer.

The entrants are from 6 years old.

They are to swim in the lake.

Haruna lake is known to be a resort place, the altitude is 1,000m, the surface area is 1.15km2.

The pond smelt fishing is one of their sightseeing activities but they couldn’t even conduct the radiation test due to the lack of samples.

In 2012, they released 80 million eggs of pond smelt but they were all extinct.

(cf, 80 million eggs of pond smelt became extinct in Gunma [URL])

In 2013, they managed to collect only 4 smelt samples, but 340 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured. They gave up lifting the fishing restriction of pond smelt this year too.

(cf, Japanese pond smelt gone nearly extinct in Haruna lake Gunma, can’t even find a sample for radiation test [URL 2])

(cf, Only 4 smelt samples collected in Haruna lake, 340Bq/Kg measured but fishing restriction is lifted [URL 3])


This is the first time for them to hold triathlon in Haruna lake. It’s from 7/20 to 7/21/2013. It’s usually banned swimming in this lake.

6 ~ 9 years old children are to swim for 50m, Junior high school and high school students are to swim for 200m.

The fee is 3,000 ~ 21,000 JPY.

The radiation level of the lake water is not announced.



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Français :

Un triathlon va se tenir dans le lac Haruna de Gunma : Aucun des 80 millions d’œufs d’éperlans d’eau douce  n’a survécu, 340 Bq/kg dans les poissons survivants


Selon la municipalité de Takasaki dans la préfecture de  Gunma, ils organisent un triathlon dans le lac Haruna cet été.

Les candidats auront à partir de 6 ans.
Ils vont nager dans le lac.
Le lac Haruna est connu pour être une place touristique, il est à 1 000 m d’altitude, il couvre une surface de 1,15 km².
La pêche à l’éperlan d’eau douce est l’une de leurs activités les plus mises en avant mais ils n’ont même pas pu faire de contrôle de radioactivité dessus par manque d’échantillon.

En 2012, ils avaient ensemencé le lac avec 80 millions d’œufs d’éperlans d’eau douce mais ils sont tous morts. (cf. 80 millions d’œufs d’éperlans d’eau douce morts dans Gunma)
En 2013, ils n’avaient réussi qu’à en attraper 4 échantillons sur lesquels ils avaient relevé 340 Bq/kg de Cs 134/137. (cf. L’éperlan d’eau douce japonais est pratiquement éteint dans le lac Haruna de Gunma, pas un seul même pour test de radioactivité)
Ils ont aussi finalement renoncé à lever l’interdiction de pêche à l’éperlan cette année. (cf. Seulement 4 éperlans d’eau douce pris dans le lac Haruna, 340 Bq/kg mais l’interdiction de pêche est levée)

C’est la première fois qu’ils organisent un triathlon dans le lac Haruna. Il se tiendra les 20 et 21 juillet 2013. Il est habituellement interdit de se baigner dans ce lac.
Les enfants de 6 à 9 ans vont nager sur 50 m, ceux en Junior high school et en High school sur 200 m.
Les coûts d’inscription s’étagent entre 3 000 et 21 000 ¥.
Le niveau de radioactivité de l’eau du lac n’est pas communiqué.

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  1. The morons who decided to hold this event and subject children(for a fee!)to an even more concentrated radioactive environmental condition in a contaminated until “sterile” lake is not only disgusting, it’s criminal!! They might as well take it to the next level and have the participants wear waterproof Geiger/Dosimeter devices too!! Not to “protect” them, but maybe Japanese kids swimming in this ruined body of water will hear the alarms on their dosimeters going off and they will break world swimming records trying to swim the event and get the hell out of the nasty water as quickly as they can!!(?)-ANOTHER truly sickening event(s) brought to the public by TEPCO & their Govt. puppets who worship their coveted & deadly-toxic so-called “technology”!! (‘Til death do they part”!! 🙁 ~**

  2. This is another great example of the diligent Japanese representation of the 62.7 %ers who decided to Purge Japan of faulty DNA ( cleaning the natioAnal gene pool ) with an iron fist ( fetish flexible ))C++ : the Test : Will they PAY to have their children irradiated ?!
    Answer : Duh !!
    Hence the need for the Purging program .

    Just give it another 100 years and you’ll see Japan made of only Geniuses who soon will realize they need to ShutDown all the nuclear plants ! 🙂

    ‘ Foam Over Fukushima ‘ anyone ?
    Nope . Not even the Natives !! Darwin Selection at work , protecting the local galaxy …

  3. Ooopps ! Look what Goofle dug :

    What happened Iori ? You as an engineer didn’t find the Foam idea valid specially since most of the required qualities are already met , see posts/links :

    Excerpt , but read all to see Aluminum inserted in nano-foam to stop radiation , + more :

    ” … UPILEX-FOAM has a very high heat and cryogenic resistance and very low flammability and low outgassing .

    (1) High heat resistance (Tg. 360 ).

    (2) Excellent thermal insulation.

    (3) Easy processing.

    (4) Low density for weight savings.

    (5) Flame resistance.

    (6) Very low outgassing.

    (7) High acoustic absorption and insulation.

    (8) Excellent nuclear and UV radiation , resistance , chemical resistance and electric insulation .

    [link to]

  4. Just test the water. Hasn’t it been done yet? Wind forecasts for Wednesday show wind traveling from east to west over Gunma. Not good

  5. And people will probably send their children off to swim in this lake because some corrupt politician says it is ok. Lets have that politician(s) participate in the triathlon!
    They are pretending that nothing is wrong. It’s a jedi mind trick on the ridiculously trusting public.

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