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Fear – This is what Fukushima Diary is fighting. When it comes slowly, you don’t even panic. Depending on the occasion, fear has two disguise. One is the lie, and

Natural disasters

M5.7 hit east offshore of Metropolitan area

At 22:01 of 4/29/2013, M5.7 hit Ibaraki offshore. The max seismic intensity was 3. No trouble is reported from Fukushima plant.     Iori Mochizuki Thank you


[Avian flu] 3 medical staff had upper respiratory tract infection after treating the 1st patient

On 4/25/2013, Taiwan CDC announced a man (53) from Taiwan had avian influenza (H7N9) for the first case. According to Centers for Disease Control , R.O.C.(Taiwan), three medical staff had


Da-te city standardize all the school lunch menus to serve bamboo shoots, “Cs-134/137 from 86% of bamboo shoots”

[Wikipedia]   Da-te city in Fukushima is going to standardize all the school lunch menus and serve bamboo shoots. It will start from this May. The bamboo shoots will be


[JP West coast contamination] Cs-134/137 measured from 3 of all bear meat samples from Niigata, “max as 75 Bq/Kg”

[Wikipedia]   According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Cs-134/137 was measured from 3 of all the bear meat samples (Moon bear). The location is Niigata prefecture. It’s on


Fallout level spiked 26 times much as the average of this April

(↑ This is not today.)   According to Fukushima prefecture, the fallout level spiked up in Fukushima city. The sampling date is 4/27/2013. It was the second highest since last