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[Column] I don’t believe my grandparents

This one-room apartment has a shower and toilet, but the shower booth leaks so I have to put my old T shirts around the booth. The toilet tank also leaks.


CTBT measured unusually high level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m 4/8~4/9, Vienna “It’s due to N. Korea”

According to CTBT, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’s radiation monitoring post in Takasaki Gunma, unusual level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m were measured from 4/8 ~ 4/9/2013. CTBT in Japan comments Xe-133 has

Confirmed effects

Radiation researcher in Ibaraki got two thyroid cysts

Fukushima Diary is following this radiation researcher of citizen. (cf, [It happens] 0.60~0.80 μSv/h measured from a man in Ibaraki directly on his body [URL]) (cf, Radiation researcher “Social welfare

Contaminated water crisis

1,400,000 Bq/m3 of β nuclide detected from reactor1 sub-drain water

According to Tepco, high level of β nuclide is measured from the water of sub-drains. The sub-drain water is assumed to flow into the basement floors of the reactors. The


[Not radiation effect] Mutated cabbage with 4 small ones outside and 10 inside, produced in western JP

As Spring is coming and plants are growing, more and more mutated flowers and vegetables are found. A cabbage was found for sale with a little special feature, which has

Natural disasters

[Sign of Mt. Fuji activity?] Large landslide happened in 100km from Mt. Fuji, 80m high, 70m wide

On 4/23/2013, a large landslide suddenly took place in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s 70m wide and the height is 80m. 22 people of 6 households were told to evacuate. 2 days

Contaminated water crisis

[Contaminated water coming down to the sea?]Chloride concentration increased 270% of 2 weeks ago in observation holes

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, the chloride concentration is observed to be increasing in the observation holes. Tepco is conducting the radiation test of ground water in