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[Column] I make a little zoo everyday

It’s a cliche that an old Japanese person, who went through a traumatic event, spends the retirement life on sculpting statues of Buddha. I have been asked what makes you

Natural disasters

M4.7 hit east offshore of Chiba, max seismic intensity was 4

Major earthquakes keep happening in Japan. After M6.3 hit Awaji island on 4/13, M6.2 hit Miyake-jima and M5.8 hit Miyagi offshore on 4/17 with countless minor quakes. (cf, Geographical Survey

Contaminated water crisis

[Leakage] Leaking radiation takes up to 100 years to reach Pacific ocean

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, Tepco published the assessment of the environmental influence. The leaking reservoirs are 880 m from the sea. About Sr-90 and Tritium, Tepco


National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Raising concerns regarding pandemic potential of avian influenza A(H7N9)”

On 4/19/2013, National Institute of Infectious Diseases referred to the research of Eurosurveillance to report the raising concerns regarding the pandemic potential of avian influenza A(H7N9). By 4/18/2013, 82 cases


Net system energy demand decreased by 8.6% in March, “Decreasing for 3 continuous months”

According to Tepco, net system energy demand decreased by 8.6% this March compared to the same term of last year. Their energy demand has been decreasing for continuous 3 months.

Natural disasters

Geographical Survey Institute, “M6.2 caused Miyake-jima diastrophism of 2cm to NE”

According to the Geographical Survey Institute, the M6.2 earthquake caused Miyake-jima island diastrophism. At 17:57 of 4/17/2013, M6.2 hit Miyake-jima island with numbers of other quakes. (cf, Over 20 earthquakes