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[Official monitoring post] “Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned”

It’s widely known that the official monitoring posts manipulate the radiation reading to make it look less than actual. (cf, Japanese gov admitted monitored radiation level is indicated to be


Triathlon to be held in Haruna lake in Gunma, “80 million pond smelt eggs extinct, 340 Bq/Kg from surviving fish”

According to Takasaki city government in Gunma, they are going to hold triathlon in Haruna lake this summer. The entrants are from 6 years old. They are to swim in


Minamisoma city published radiation data for the request of Fukushima Diary

Minamisoma city government did not publish the radiation data of food after December. The data is about the food for self-consumption. They are produced in the city. Although Mainichi newspaper

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco plans to transfer contaminated water to suppression pool of reactor5 and 6 in emergency

As to the major leakage of highly contaminated water, Tepco is planning to transfer 23,600 tones of water to the tanks. However, those tanks don’t exist yet. Because they have


Fallout level spiked up in Fukushima city

According to Fukushima prefecture, fallout level in Fukushima city became the highest since the beginning of April. It picked up on 4/6/2013 after a storm.[URL] Since last Autumn, the fallout

Contaminated water crisis

[Spreading leakage] Radiation level of reservoir No.3 jumped up to be 8.6 times much after transferring water

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, the radiation level jumped up to be 8.6 times much as one day before in reservoir No.3. The sample was taken from