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Severe Acute Pancreatitis case rapidly increased in 2011 by 34%

According to Japan Intractable Diseases Information Center, severe acute pancreatitis case rapidly increased in 2011. The center didn’t take statistics of Miyagi and Fukushima in 2010 (2010. 4 ~ 2011.

Effects to be confirmed

[It happens] 0.60~0.80 μSv/h measured from a man in Ibaraki directly on his body

High level of radiation was measured from a man in Hitachi city Ibaraki, where is 100km from Fukushima plant. He’s been living in Hitachi city Ibaraki for 10 years. He


[Nothing to do with radiation] Multiple headed dandelions found in Tokyo again

Last Spring, Fukushima Diary reported mutated dandelions frequently seen in Metropolitan area. (cf, Mutated dandelion in Tokyo [URL]) Mutated dandelions with multiple heads were found in Bunkyoku Tokyo this year


Strong alkaline detected from river where 11,000 young sweetfish found dead

On 4/3/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Mass death of fish found in Shizuoka and Akita, reason not verified yet [URL]” According to River and national road office of Ministry of Land,