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Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco crane picked up the skimmer surge tank hatch by mistake during debris removal of reactor3

According to Tepco,Tepco mis-operated to have a crane pick up the hatch of skimmer surge tank of reactor3. On 4/18/2013, they were removing the debris caused by the explosion from

Food contamination

[Food contamination] Cs-137 measured from milk powder produced in Tokyo sold in western Japan

According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, o.64 Bq/Kg of Cs-137 was measured from formulated milk powder. It was produced in Tokyo and distributed in Kochi prefecture. Sampling date

Contaminated water crisis

[Leakage] Reservoir No.2 lost 42m3 of highly contaminated water during the night of 4/17/2013

↑ The reservoir of highly contaminated water. This is No.3 located next to No.2.   About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, the water level drastically changed in the


[Not radiation effect] Double headed dandelion is back to Tokyo

In metropolitan area, mutated dandelion was frequently reported in 2012. It’s also found this year. (cf, [Nothing to do with radiation] Multiple headed dandelions found in Tokyo again [URL]) Fukushima

Contaminated water crisis

Sr-90 level jumped up only 2 weeks after the performance test of multiple nuclide removing system

In order to purify the increasing contaminated water, Tepco is planning to install ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System). The system is to remove 62 sorts of multiple radionuclides including Sr-90.

Contaminated water crisis

Former Fukushima worker “Shortage of workers is delaying water transfer plan from the leaking reservoirs”

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, Tepco is planning to transfer the water to “safer” tanks. However, it is estimated to end in June. The contaminated water will