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Natural disasters

Metropolitan Police Dept found seawater turned green near Miyake-jima, Maritime Safety Agency “No abnormality found”

According to the Maritime Safety Agency, a helicopter of the Metropolitan Police Department found seawater turned to be green on the east of Miyake-jima island. On 4/17/2013, over 20 quakes

Sea contamination

[Marine contamination] Cs-134 measured from Miyagi offshore seawater, radiation level not been decreasing

According to Tepco, Cs-134 was measured from seawater offshore Miyagi prefecture. The half-life of Cs-134 is 2 years. Measurement of Cs-134 proves the radioactive contamination reached offshore Miyagi. The highest

Sea contamination

[1,900 Bq/m3] Sr-90 measured from Fukushima plant offshore seawater, Tepco admitted it’s due to the accident

According to Tepco, Sr-90 was measured from seawater around Fukushima nuclear plant. The highest reading was 1,900 Bq/m3 from North of reactor 5-6 Discharge Channel. The sample was taken on

Contaminated water crisis

600 tones of contaminated water “missing” from the reservoir, Tepco “Error of the measurement hardware”

According to Tepco, a certain amount of the contaminated water is missing. From the report of “Future plan of the water transfer” released on 4/12/2013, reservoir No.6 was supposed to


[Notice] The victimized Japanese made the media corporation to take revenge against media blackout

In the first few days after 311, I lost a lot of my old friends just because I said the government was lying. They thought (wanted to think) I was