Cesium-134/137 amount in the atmosphere have not been changed since September of 2011

According to CTBT, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’s radiation monitoring post in Takasaki Gunma, the amount of cesium-134/137 in the atmosphere have almost not been changed since September of 2011.

Last December, 64 μBq/m3 of Cs-134 and 107 μBq/m3 of Cs-137 were measured at average.

Cesium-134/137 amount in the atmosphere have not been changed since September of 2011


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Français :

La quantité en césiums 134/137 atmosphériques n’a pas changé depuis septembre 2011

Selon le CTBT, la borne de surveillance de la radioactivité du Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty à Takasaki, préfecture de Gunma, la quantité de césium 134/137 atmosphérique n’a pratiquement pas changé depuis septembre 2011.

En décembre dernier on relevait 64 μBq/m³ de Cs-134 et 107 μBq/m³ de Cs-137 en moyenne.

La quantité en césiums 134/137 atmosphériques n'a pas changé depuis septembre 2011

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    1. Cui bono ?

      The rad graph shows that the beneficiary from the Fukushima emissions which are setting the background higher is good for the world-wide nuclear power industry to hide its foot-print and blame Fukushima .

      I mean , what scientist would scream ” wait a minute , but some radiation is not from Fukushima ! ” …

      But far-out in the back of my annoying Cerebral Cortex lurks the example of the lady-bug that defends by tasting awful just as a radioactive Earth is unappealing to extraterestrial aliens … your turn Mr. Heineken .

  1. One of the things the graph shows , besides that the producing of radiation is steady 24/7 , is how much and how fast the peak of the radiation on 3/11 was dispersed Out of atmosphere … hence it proves that without present continious production of radiation 24/7 the atmospheric levels would go even lower .

    What the graph doesn’t show is the Origin of the radiation we see being steady after the drop past 2011 .

    What’s the natural level ? Dig a rock 50 meters from below , measure the rad , and than point away from Earth while in the space shuttle , add the two .

  2. Hi all.

    Half-life of Cs-137 is 30 years, half-life of Cs-134 is more than 2 years. The scale on Y-axis of the chart is logarithmic: 1.E+02 is 10 times more than 1.E+01. That’s why it seems not dropping. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  3. There does appear to be a steady state of radiation in the atmosphere, the thing that screams to me, is the fact that I-131 has considerably shorter half-life that Cs-137 and Cs-134 ( I-131 only 8 days), meaning theres still a supply of I-131 to the atmosphere, ( which accounts for about 3% by mass of the fission occuring, so fission is still occurring and being released for us to breathe) I have read on Fukushima Diary about the daily release of radiation from Fukushima, so this kinda put the jigsaw together a little.

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