[Breaking] Another Fukushima child got possible thyroid cancer

Kyodo reported Fukushima local government admitted another Fukushima child needs a prompt second inspection for the possible thyroid cancer.
It was revealed from the thyroid test for 360,000 of under 18s conducted by Fukushima local government.

Fukushima medical university comments, they took longer than 4 years to find increasing thyroid cases in Chernobyl. This case has no strong connection with Fukushima accident, but they will proceed blood and cell analysis to confirm if it’s really a cancer.

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[Ultime notizie] Un altro bambino di Fukushima ha contratto probabilmente un cancro alla tiroide

Kyodo ha riportato che il governo locale di Fukushima ha ammesso che un altro bambino di Fukushima necessita di un’urgente ispezione ulteriore per un possibile cancro alla tiroide.
E’ stato rivelato dal test alla tiroide eseguito dal governo locale di Fukushima a 360,000 minori di 18 anni.

L’università medica di Fukushima ha dichiarato che ci sono voluti più di 4 anni per trovare aumenti rilevanti nei casi di problemi alla tiroide a Chernobyl. Questo non ha una forte connessione con il problema di Fukushima, ma procederanno nelle analisi del sangue per confermare che si tratti di cancro.

Articolo correlato:  Thyroid disease rate spiked to 43.7%, “About 1 in 2 children have nodule or cyst in Fukushima city”


Français :

[Breaking] Un autre enfant de Fukushima a sans doute un cancer de la thyroïde

Kyodo a rapporté que les autorités de Fukushima ont admit qu’un autre enfant de Fukushima a rapidement besoin d’un second examen pour vérifier un possible cancer de la thyroïde.
Il a été révélé par les examens thyroïdiens effectués sur 360 000 mineurs par les autorités locales de Fukushima.

L’université médicale de Fukushima dit qu’il leur a fallu plus de 4 ans avant de pouvoir constater que le nombre de cas de cancers de la thyroïde commence à augmenter à Tchernobyl. Ce cas-ci n’a pas un lien très fort avec l’accident de Fukushima mais ils vont procéder à des biopsies pour pouvoir confirmer s’il s’agit d’un cancer ou non.

Article lié : Les cas de maladies de la thyroïde sont montées à 43,7 %, “Dans la ville de Fukushima, presque un enfant sur deux a des nodules ou des kystes thyroïdiens”


  1. I would only say,and give the advice,for those Japanese people there,don’t dump poluted cooling water and or waste in the ocean,supervise that,u need the ionized jodine/jodide from that ocean to stay healthy cq prevent getting cancer…..since there is a greater amount of that specific element in that form in the ocean then in the artificial menmade kitchensalt…i should oversee the consequences of that simple get rid of it behaviour….

  2. How can Abe and the LDP event THINK about restarting nuclear reactors!?

    Vote carefully Japan. The health and lives of your children are at stake. Japan politicians especially should understand by now the harm that nuclear power causes. Any Japan politician who vows to restart reactors is a sociopath and should never be elected to govern.

  3. “This case has no strong connection with Fukushima accident”
    Oh, please.
    With all the reports of children getting seriously sick with cafeteria-meals, how could such statement be either formulated or believed.

  4. Did the medical experts at Fukushima University Hospital also take into account that the one-off burst from Chenobyl was followed by a mass evacuation, and a ban on eating contaminated food and water, whereas, Fukushima Daiichi is ongoing, people are being told to move back to contaminated areas, and the government and JA are aggressively encouraging Japanese citizens to consume irradiated foodstuffs?
    Maybe that could be a clue as to why there is a predictable early presentation of symptoms…

  5. “…This case has no strong connection with Fukushima accident…”
    it is neither a weak or a strong connection, Fukushima is the only cause for thyroid cancers in Japan. This university hospital is now taking the active reponsibility to kill people by lying to them bluntly about health issues related to catastrophic Fukushima nuclear incident.

  6. The worry for parents is terrible, I hope your efforts to make the Government provide excellent health care for everyone affected by the tsunami and radiation are successful.

    Here is the link to Greenpeace Report on Children in the villages around Chernobyl 25 years after accident.

  7. Hello to all.
    The following post in a Japanese blog has recently come to my attention, although it is from last july:

    This is someone claiming to have worked in a (presumably small) maternity clinic at an undisclosed location in Fukushima pref. It says that in regular checks on a small group of pregnant women, an alarmingly high number of fetus abnormalities was found.
    I tried to search if Fukushima Diary had reported this earlier, but could not find it.
    I would be grateful for any comment from anyone with a better understanding of Japanese.

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