Tepco plans to restart Fukushima plant reactor5, 6 and Daini

Tepco is planning to restart reactor5, 6 and Daini (12km south to Daiichi). Daini had Level 3 of INES, but still most of the facts are concealed. (cf. Fukushima Daini was submerged)

Mr. Sato from a citizen’s organization, No nukes Fukushima network [Link] stated Nishizawa, the former president of Tepco collected the subcontract companies and commented they were going to restart Fukushima Daini nuclear plant. Those subcontract companies were requested to prepare to restart Daini.

An anonymous reporter of a major newspaper company comments, Tepco included the depreciation cost of reactor5, 6 and Daini into the raised electricity bill to restart them.

Mr. Suda, a Japanese journalist [Link] analyzes it’s for the financial reason. “Tepco is relying on oil and natural gas at the moment but they are killing Tepco financially.”

Shimokobe, the chair man of Tepco and Hirose, the current president of Tepco visited Fukushima plant on 7/4/2012.

On this inspection, they appealed to the journalists. “Fukushima Daini was fully recovered. They put a lot of sandbags, the vessels can resist 15.4m of Tsunami.”


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Tepco organise le redémarrage des réacteurs 5 et 6 de Fukushima et les réacteurs de Daini.
    Par Mochizuki, le 24 juillet 2012.

    Tepco organise le redémarrage des réacteurs 5 et 6 de Fukushima et de Daini. Daini a un niveau 3 sur INES bien que la majorité des faits soit toujours cachée. (cf. Fukushima Daini was submerged: http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/05/fukushima-daini-was-submerged/)

    M. Sato, du groupe No nukes Fukushima network [http://nonukesfuk.exblog.jp/] affirme que M. Nishizawa, le précédent président de Tepco a rassemblé les entreprises sous-traitantes pour leur dire qu’ils allaient redémarrer les centrales nucléaires de Fukushima Daini. Ces sous-traitants étaient appelés pour préparer le redémarrage de Daini.

    Un journaliste anonyme d’un journal major de la presse dit que Tepco a inclus les frais de démantèlement des réacteurs 5, 6 et de Daini dans l’augmentation de la facture d’électricité pour pouvoir les redémarrer.

    L’analyse de M. Suda, journaliste japonais [http://suda-journal.jp/], est que c’est pour raison financière. “Tepco dépend du pétrole et du gaz naturel en ce moment mais ça les tue financièrement”.

    M. Shimokobe, le président actuel de Tepco et de Hirose, a visité l’usine de Fukushimale 4 juillet 2012.

    Pour son inspection, ils ont convoqué les journalistes. “Fukushima Daini était complètement réparée. Ils ont mis un paquet de sacs de sable, les enceintes peuvent résister à u tsunami de 15,4m””.

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    1. Nick..They pulled my comments. So much for free speech…..
      I said what you said, but with a little more stronger wording…

  2. don’t let them go broke, take the money to fix the mess they created. they gambled, they lost, now fix it. they had no problem taking the money when times were good. oh! poor tepco. mass human extinction will happen because they will go broke ? they all should be tried for crimes against humanity, not just tepco, but anyone involved with anything nuclear energy since none of them can properly deal with nuclear energy except holding their hands out when the money is coming their way

  3. Seems kind of silly to plan this restart when Units 5,6 are heavily damaged and Daini is lightly damaged.

    It is my belief that the cores are heavily damaged in units 5/6 and there is light core damage in Dai-ini,
    so you need to shut down, pull all those damaged rods, and that’s really hard.

    TMI Unit 1 was moderately damaged, about 20% of the core melted and they still haven’t figured out how to
    get all that out of there.

    if the rods are damaged, they drip some fuel down into the bottom of the vessel, making the water very radioactive, and if you rerun the system, then the plumbing becomes highly radioactive.

    The quake also stressed a lot of piping at those sites, i doubt any of the plumbing is any good.
    the cost to recertify the pipes is staggering.

    TEPCO is just fantasizing here, of course, if they ignore all these problems they could fire up a leaky, radiation spitting reactor in a month or two. God help us all, when it goes badly, but..,.

  4. Lemmings do not really stampede over cliffs. Homo Sapines who call themselves the most intelligent beings on the planet do.
    The famous movie footage done by the Disney corporation in the late 50’s of lemmings running over a cliff dose not show the film crew chasing them to the cliff.

  5. You poor Japanese people, the fools that run your nuclear power industry, and last but not least, your lying, stinking, corrupt government,are all crazy….

  6. TEPCO must NEVER be allowed in the nuclear business again. They have proven themselves to be supremely unreliable and untrustworthy.

    If Noda thinks he’s hearing a lot of noise now on Friday afternoons, a restart approval for TEPCO will bring crowds and demonstrator actions that will be worse than deafening.

    1. Ohi nuclear plant was restarted on 07/01/2012. Police forcibly removed the protesters. Ohi nuclear plant is all fired up and going strong. Peoples actions were not worse than deafening…

  7. “Tepco is relying on oil and natural gas at the moment but they are killing Tepco financially.””

    wow, as if the disaster at Dai-chi isn’t killing millions of people radioactively….

    TEPCO was bankrupt the minute the Unit 1 at Dai-chi blew up. They are now just engaged in some weird ghoulish joke, in discussing restarting any of the other reactors.

    1) The radiation fields are high enough that you can’t maintain a full shift of workers at Dai-chi unit’s 5,6

    2) significant damage has occurred at 5,6 and it’s uneconomical to repair. Restarting the reactors without
    rebuilding them, is like taking the Costa Concordia back to sea, with just a paint job.

    this is the same story at Dai-ini.

    Tepco had about 20 billion dollars of assets destroyed with the quake and tsunami and they did probably a trillion dollars worth of economic damage to Japan.

    There is little point in trying to salvage TEPCO, they should sell off the worthwhile assets and just attempt a
    emergency cleanup

    instead the japanese are hanging around in radiation with no real purpose.

    1. The latest estimate was ca 100 people will die from radiation… Clearly you can’t count.

  8. Nothing wrong with restarting 5 and 6 if only the coolingsystem of those plants had problems and is fully repaired now…..i know it is.
    I do not think Tepco work hard on those other four,for our and their safety,and let the two nearby reactors splitting cq generating energy if it wasn’t “safe enough” come on fuel rods are in so let them deplete those,and in the meanwhile work hard on those other 4 reactors,i only hope…and i really do,that when those feulrods of 5 and 6 are used,they turn the switch of those two,and break as fast as hell the whole shit down there,and put the whole shit in an glass cover with an lead closet around it.

    1. MIAUW – Perhaps I expect too much of the readers of Fukushima Diary. Why did this accident happen at Fukushima? If you listen to the nuclear industry it is because TEPCO has a weak safety culture, and because the Japanese government has a weak nuclear regulator. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Why would anyone allow this incompetent organization re-enter the nuclear power business?

      You are also missing the basic lessons from TEPCO’s fukushima disaster –

      (1) NUCLEAR ENERGY REQUIRES PERFECTION. And PEOPLE ARE NOT PERFECT. People cannot completely control nuclear energy. If we use it, there will be accidents, no matter how hard we try to engineer them to be safe. You need to understand HUMAN NATURE in addition to NUCLEAR SCIENCE in order to understand this point.

      (2) When nuclear accidents happen, the human consequences are so severe that no population would EVER find them an acceptable trade-off. Not only are individual human lives at risk, but we saw that Chernobyl collapsed the Soviet Union. TEPCO has threatened the very survival of the Japanese country and culture. Accidents also mutate human and animal DNA, they contaminate land and sea for decades, centuries, and even millenia. They pervert rain, making it a poison to the soil. Nuclear power, in a word is EVIL. Informed people, with no financial connection to the industry, would NEVER want it anywhere near them.

    2. Yes miauw,you are right. Fire them all up!! If your government says its safe,it must be true. Everything is fine and good because you know its good. In ten years when you,re dying of cancer,you might be having second thoughts about your outlook on nuclear energy,but it will be to late for you and to late for us all…

  9. You pulled my comments ! What happened to free speach? You are just as bad as Tepko and the government of Japan!


  10. If that’s not provocation, I don’t know what is.
    Testing us, testing the consent level to manufacture it better. And it’s not just Tepco of course, it’s the whole crew. Ad nauseam.

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