Japanese scientists are suggesting abandoning contaminated soil into the sea

Government is in charge of decontamination where it’s over 1 mSv/y.

However, their “decontamination” is only to remove the surface of the ground.
Even only from Fukushima, it’s assumed that 15 million ~ 31 million cubic meters of contaminated soil will be produced.

Because they can not stock it on land, Mr. Tanihata Isao from Osaka University and Mr. Nakai Koji from Tokyo University of Science are offering to abandon it into the ocean.

They have already taken it into consideration that Japan is accused by the world but they find it the most realistic solution for some reason.

They are supposed to pack the soil into a shelter, which is protected against corrosion and high water pressure, and leave it in 2000 meters depth of the sea.





  1. what kind of miracle material would not be damaged and hold soil forever under the pressure of 2000 meters of sea water? is that 200 times the atmospheric pressure? do we know what’s down there? unknown species new to science? moving oceanic plates and dynamic sea floor? what science have these people studied? their ignorance and indifference for the planet earth make me numb.

  2. Scientists call for dumping radioactive soil into sea

    I also stumbled across this article in the morning and it really upsets me. There are days where I’m even ashamed of being a human being.
    Why don’t we have other means than to burden our selfmade poisons onto the weaker? Is our backbone worth nothing. Isn’t it meant to be upright and face the errors we’ve done and solve them with dignity?

    “But former education minister Akito Arima, who was also present, said,
    “The sea is common property of all humankind,.. ” ”

    Good for a start – but humankind possess nothing but the delusion to think it would.
    We are not alone and this planet is not ours.

    …though I wish I could accuse Japan (…) for depraving MY world 😉

  3. This is really starting to piss me off there is no point spreading radiation the should evacuate and area and concentrate on containing the radiation not spreading it – it’s as bad as the incineration or power hosing – achieves nothing and spreads contamination there is no way ill let our country accept nuclear refugees if the Japanese continue to spread wider contamination

  4. 上の記事とは関係ありません。

    I would like to spread the word for this YouTube video of a 3-hour-long lecture by Takashi Hirose on the Fukushima accidents, which comes with English subtitles.

    Mr.Hirose has been a leading anti-nuke activist and author for the past three decades in Japan.

    Please see below.

    1. Kazko – a great video – only 1.4 hours in so far but still glued too it

      I can’t understand Japanese – but the subtitles, speaker and content is excellent

  5. I think it is very sad about the EQ and subsequent events since 03/11 – but it was ALL supposed to happen – y’know how i know that ?? cuz it happened. do the best you can as an individual, it’s all any of us can do. i love japan and my bros and sisters there – because they are just another version of me. i love you. ♥

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