[Reactor4] Tepco will not announce when to take out the fuel from SFP4



Following up this article..[Reactor4] Debris removal was finished, fuel will be taken out soon.

Tepco and Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency are going to take out 2 of the 204 new fuel assemblies soon in order to check the damage on cladding tube caused by sea water injected just after 311, but they are not going to announce the date. The reason is supposed to be the protection of nuclear material.

Tepco is planning to start taking out all the nuclear assemblies by the end of 2013.

The fuel assemblies will be taken out by the crane, put into the cast on the top of the reactor building. Large crane will take them down to the ground to shared pool to check the surface of fuels in detail.

The radiation level of new fuel assemblies is usually about 25μSv/h, but if the radiation level exceeds 30mSv/h on surface of the pool, they are to stop taking out the fuel assemblies.

If I was in Tokyo with my child, I would stay away from Tokyo just in case.


未使用燃料取り出しへ 福島第1原発4号機プール
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