[Reactor4] Tepco will not announce when to take out the fuel from SFP4



Following up this article..[Reactor4] Debris removal was finished, fuel will be taken out soon.

Tepco and Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency are going to take out 2 of the 204 new fuel assemblies soon in order to check the damage on cladding tube caused by sea water injected just after 311, but they are not going to announce the date. The reason is supposed to be the protection of nuclear material.

Tepco is planning to start taking out all the nuclear assemblies by the end of 2013.

The fuel assemblies will be taken out by the crane, put into the cast on the top of the reactor building. Large crane will take them down to the ground to shared pool to check the surface of fuels in detail.

The radiation level of new fuel assemblies is usually about 25μSv/h, but if the radiation level exceeds 30mSv/h on surface of the pool, they are to stop taking out the fuel assemblies.

If I was in Tokyo with my child, I would stay away from Tokyo just in case.


未使用燃料取り出しへ 福島第1原発4号機プール
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  1. I suspect they will do it on a weekday, during daylight, probably earlier in the day. (they don’t work so much on weekends, they need to see what they are doing, and they will want extra time in daylight in case they screw up). Best bet – they’ll start setting everything up some morning when there is little wind (or a wind blowing out to sea) and when there is no rain forecast. Just after lunch the’d start extracting.

    If something goes terribly wrong, we’ll probably see it on either the JNN web cam or by reading the radiation levels at http://www.bousai.ne.jp/eng/index.html

    Rest easy the next few days though; Monday is a public holiday in Japan.

  2. I don’t have any faith in their ability to do anything. Everything they touch becomes a disaster! TEPCO are a bunch of bumbling idiots who have no concern for life on planet earth.

  3. Wow! Was I just censored!?

    A few hours ago I posted some common sense, logical deductions about when this would most likely happen and how people would be able to know if something goes wrong – and my comments are now gone.

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this sure feels weird.

    Please tell me it was a technical glitch…

    1. Hi anonymous,
      Same story here. I got censored/moderated for a VERY peaceful comment here about a week ago. Done and done……..goodbye

        1. I now copy and paste my comments into a document and save them on desktop in case I write one of those well thought out responses.

  4. Don’t spoil it. I have it on good authority that tepco are going to run a lottery. You have to guess which day they are taking out the fuel. There are four reactors…four chances…four prizes.
    Unfortunately all first prizes are coriums. Prizes can be picked up on site.

  5. The reason is supposed to be the protection of nuclear material.
    Its those damn terrorist, they are everywhere just waiting to kill you because of your freedoms. Right

    And they want the fuel rods to spread contamination around the world, even though the rods have been doing just that for over a year.
    (dont go there)

    So must be iran, those people just cant wait to be wiped off the face of the earth, when they get what they need, why go to japan to get it, they have a operating plant in iran.
    (dont go there, remember, fear the terrorist)

    Anyway, if iran did get 1 nuke and used it, maybe someone in japan could tell me, would the usa, that has over 2500 such weapons launch a nucular counterstrike. lol. Is the pope catholic.

    Mutual Assured Destruction, mad,
    a system that has worked for sometime as a deterance. But no longer

    Mad people now decide

    Who is it that tepco is keeping this disaster from with all the secreacy
    the terrorist
    or you.

  6. If you look at the Live Cam – in the distance the big cranes are working really FAST. What are they up to? They cannot do anything delicate swinging around that way.

    I put pictures up, but looking at the live cam offers best view.


  7. well lets say a prayer for the workers they have a nerve racking job lets all think positive right now no matter how bad it seems ,, my guess they are waiting on weather conditions if they have difficulty ,the 18th would be an aprox date guess but who cares about that lets just concentrate on watching and comming up with ideas to help get that nasty stuff put away somewhere safe and wear your aluminum foil hats for good luck 🙂 bless all and the planet for now

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