Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya “couldn’t stop nosebleed, face became bloody”

Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya "couldn't stop nosebleed, face became bloody"
Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya talked about his nosebleed on his radio show of 7/24/2012.

He said when he went to a golf driving range, he found himself having nosebleed from both nostrils.
It was plenty of blood, couldn’t stop even after he put toilet paper into his nostrils. He had his face turn to be red.

He had cardiac surgery last December. He thinks it’s because of the medicine to make his blood light.


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – L’acteur japonais Takeda Tetsuya : “je ne pouvait arrêter son nez de saigner, ma figure devenait rouge de sang”.
    Par Mochizuki, le 25 juillet 2012.


    L’acteur japonais Takeda Tetsuya s’est expliqué sur son saignement de nez pendant son show radio du 24 juillet 2012.

    Il dit qu’alors qu’il revenait d’un parcours de golf, il s’est mis à saigner des deux narines.
    Il était couvert de sang, il ne pouvait l’arrêter même après avoir mis du papier toilette dans ses narines. Il en avait la figure toute rouge.

    Il a subi une intervention cardiaque en décembre dernier. Il pense que ce sont ses médicaments qui lui fluidifient le sang.

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  2. I have a blood clot and had to take blood thinners for over a year. EVERYONE on blood thinners is at a much higher risk of bleeding (including nosebleeds) than the general population, especially if the patient is taking an inappropriate dosage for their body or diet (see warfarin/coumadin, INR, vitamin K etc).

    Now, I would be very curious to know where he went golfing or how long he was outside etc., but this could be as simple as him not eating his usual amount of greens (no, really) or having a really dry nose.

  3. If you are on blood thinners you must be very careful with spinach as it affects your clotting ability. My Dad is on blood thinners so I know this to be a fact so be very careful about how much of this you eat if you are on this medication. I know if my Dad’s INR number gets too high or low, I can’t remember which way it goes, he can eat spinach to fix it. Something EVERYONE on blood thinners show be aware of. Ask your doctor! I would hope that this is what Mr. Tetsuya’s problem was and not radiation as one is fixable and one is not.

  4. If you are being totally real in this matter you will see that all of these responses to this issue is not just what you are saying from the medical point of view, but that your matters of concern are not realistic, for in Japan as it was during WWII, the bombs were dropped on these people then and from a first hand point in my life I can now speak freely to those who can benefit from what has been shown to us during these times.
    Whether the bleeding is from thinned blood, the effects of direct radiation is more than the issue here, it is not being able to go out to the golf course or any beach or anywhere the radiation is radiating in that part of the world. this one person may in fact have these chemical reactions to their personal activities, but the fact that they are in the open air in a region where radiation is beyond any human ability to even breathe in these toxic particles will begin causing immediate physical health problems which for the most part can never be stopped until they in fact remove themselves from the toxic air in which the radiation particles are everywhere. So the Spirit will continue to bless those who struggle to give all those who need help and support in that part of the world as much life as we are possible but to also face the reality of the situation and together begin to move all those innocent people away from these horrors as soon as possible and sooner if this world is truly in love life itself, we are all related down to the smallest life in our entire planet. Support this with all you are able, iori, is doing right by this effort to inform us and what we must all do is our part to begin reaching out to them with our money and our knowledge of what is needed to be done to save as many of the lives in this entire region as we the human race are able to accomplish. We are a small group of participtory researchers, developing applied natural combinations of earths elements to stop the toxic spread of this death in our world today and wise to connect with others who are seeking this knowledge and the wisdom to utilize these mysteries to save lives anywhere, Iori plz write so we can start a path together to find immediate solutions for this help, and in the most simplest of ways to allow as many as possible to find this love and help. We send all our love and strength to those innocent of our creators children.

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