Fatal traffic accident in Fukushima increased by 33.3%



From January to June of 2012, 44 people were killed by traffic accident, which is 33.3% more than the same term of last year.

Total traffic accident : 4,537 cases (↑ 4.1%)
Dead people : 44 (↑ 33.3%)
Injured people : 5622 (↑ 5.2%)

Traffic accident of drunken driving was 192 cases (↑ 3.7%) but it’s not announced how many of them caused fatal accident.

Fukushima prefectural police assumes it is because their life style changed after 311 and citizens became more careless about traffic safety.




  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le nombre de morts sur la route a augmenté de 33,3% à Fukushima.
    Par Mochizuki, le 15 juillet 2012.

    De janvier à juin 2012, 44 personnes ont été tuées sur la route, ce qui représente 33,3% de plus que l’an dernier.

    Total : 4 537 accidents (↑ 4,1%)
    Décès : 44 (↑ 33,3%)
    Blessés : 5622 (↑ 5,2%)

    On a 192 accidents pour lesquels l’alcool est impliqué (↑ 3,7%) mais il n’est pas précisé combien d’entre eux ont été mortels.

    La police préfectorale de Fukushima affirme que c’est parce que le mode de vie des gens a changé après le 11-3 et les gens sont devenus moins prudents sur la route.

    Source : http://www.minyu-net.com/shasetsu/syasetu/120713s.html

  2. 33% fatal traffic accidents…36% increase in children with thyroid cysts…HUM..so 1/3 increase in what else?

  3. My first ? was why are they there.
    See I have been trying to learn just a little bit of truth on whats going on in Japan. Very hard thing, seems those in charge of fixing the problem already have admitted to lieing. But they had a goooood reason, fear and panic at what these same people caused, according to a report, to happen.

    Found this
    Former NYTimes journalist goes inside no-entry zone, reports radiation levels over 10 times higher than Tepco’s data (VIDEO)

    there was a comment under the story and I think it contains some truth

    written by
    July 16, 2012 at 12:06 am Log in to Reply

    The elderly Japanese with no place to go, just like the Chernobyl refugees who have moved back to the dead zone. They ask for no help from the government that ruined their lives. If they did the government would evict them for being in an exclusion zone. So both parties mutally agree to ignore the other.

    Kinda answered my ? on what are they doing there, I say, Leave them alone

    Fukushima prefectural police assumes it is because their life style changed after 311 and citizens became more careless about traffic safety.


    But my next ? maybe someone can tell me
    Fukushima prefectural police
    what are they doing there, preventing crime

  4. I guess lower casualties last year is linked with decrease of traffic due to 3/11 tsunami aftermath from march to june. Violent earthquake and huge tsunami means heavy destruction and lots of unpractible roads, and thus less accident and less death toll on the roads. Perhaps it would be better to compare with 2010 statistics.

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