[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest in Tokyo “We won’t die in insult.”

[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest in Tokyo "We won't die in insult."30



On 7/16/2012, 170,000 (reported by the organizer) people joined another protest against the restart of Ohi [Link].

Protesters gathered in Yoyogi park Tokyo, where is in front of NHK head office. They separated into 3 groups to demonstrate in Tokyo.

Police reported it was 75,000 people. Oe Kenzaburo (awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994), Setouchi Jakucho [Link] and Sakamoto Ryuichi (Japanese musician) joined to have speech.


Oe Kenzaburo


“We are living in insult. We must take down the evil purpose of the government and we can do it. I believe we can live out of the threat and insult from the nuclear policy. Let’s keep on fighting.”


Sakamoto Ryuichi


“Why do we have to expose our lives to such a risk only for electricity ? We shall protect our children. We shall protect our land.”


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."2


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."3


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."4


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."5


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."6


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."7


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."8


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."9


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."20

[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."21

[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest "We won't die in insult."22

[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest in Tokyo "We won't die in insult."31


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  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Ajisai Revolution] 170 000 personnes à la manifestation de Tokyo “Nous ne mourrons pas insultés.”
    Par Mochizuki, le 16 juillet 2012.

    170 000 personnes (selon les organisateurs) à une nouvelle manifestation contre le redémarrage de Ohi. [cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/?s=ohi&x=0&y=0%5D

    Les manifestants se sont rassemblés au parc Yoyogi de Tokyo qui se trouve en face du siège de NHK (major de la presse). Ils se sont séparés en 3 groupes pour marcher dans Tokyo.

    La police fait état de 75 000 personnes. M. Oe Kenzaburo (lauréat du prix Nobel de Littérature en 1994), M. Setouchi Jakucho [cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/05/90-years-old-nun-joined-hunger-strike-to-be-against-restarting-ooi-nuclear-plant/%5D et M. Sakamoto Ryuichi (musicien japonais) ont parlé à la foule.

    Oe Kenzaburo :


    “Nous vivons dans le mépris. Nous devons faire tomber les mauvais objectifs du gouvernement et nous pouvons y arriver. Je crois que nous pouvons vivre sans la menace et les insultes de la politique nucléaire. Battons-nous.”

    Sakamoto Ryuichi :


    “Pourquoi devons-nous exposer nos vies à un tel risque juste pour de l’lectricité? Nous devons protéger nos enfants. Nous devons protéger notre pays.”

    (9 photos)

    [de https://twitter.com/akahataseiji%5D
    (3 photos)

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  2. We are also working here is California to shut down the two remaining nuclear plants and replace with clean energy. Nuclear reactors must all be shut down globally to protect food, farms, families, forests, land, water and future generations.

  3. 32 degrees in the hot sun on a public holiday. These dedicated people will NOT STOP until Japan renounces nuclear power.

    If they want to preserve their comfortable lives in government offices, the DPJ, LDP, Life First and Komeito parties MUST divorce themselves from the nuclear mura.

    Noda, Edano, Hosono must go. They should be tried and sentenced for crimes against humanity.

    TEPCO must be bankrupted, and removed from any further decisions regarding the cleanup. All TEPCO assets should be seized by the government.

    Former TEPCO executives and board members should also see their assets seized. They too should be bankrupted and then tried and sentenced for conspiracy to commit mass murder.

    Justice must be promptly provided for EVERYONE affected by the TEPCO disaster.

    Families and individuals who want to move away from any affected prefecture must be fully supported in doing so. The government was negligent. The government should pay, even if it means increased taxes or curency inflation for the rest of Japan. Justice demands it.

    Health care for anything that MIGHT be related to TEPCO’s negligence should be paid for by the government out of the seized TEPCO assets.

    Radioactive debris shipment and burning must stop. Those who participated should be tried and sentenced for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity.

    Farming in affected prefectures must stop. Farmers must be relocated, compensated for their losses, and perhaps retrained.

    Fishing in affected waters must stop. Fishermen must be compensated for their losses and retrained.

    Nuclear plants must be decommissioned. Spent fuel, remaining new fuel, and waste must be permanently stored in underground facilities.

    Smart grid, solar farms, and wind farm construction should begin immediately – without further “study” – to meet energy demands without new fossil fuel imports. Need land for solar and wind farms? – see above; land would become available.

    And this would be a START to rebuilding Japan. There is no short term fix. Noda and his gang are merely looking for a way to keep the party going a little longer so their contributors can make money for a few more years.

    Well the Japanese people know better. They are demanding a stop to nuclear power. And nuclear power WILL BE STOPPED.

    DPJ, LDP, Life First, and Komeito – you can lead the way, or you will be pushed out of the way.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      All of your thoughts are idealistic; justice should be served and the loss of health, life, and property..not to mention a culture that has survived for millennia should be compensated. But, we have a world in economic crisis, and the Japanese government has already informed its people that they can not afford to take care of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Quite honestly, it is probably a lost cause anyway and nothing can be done to stop the future extermination of all living creatures. If you know anything about Agenda 21 and the plan to depopulate the planet, there is no better situation than the “accident” at a nuclear power plant.

      1. Michelle – there is a fine line between genius and madness. So I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Step back from the curb a little my friend and put your critical thinking cap on for a minute. Agenda 21 is not at work here. If Agenda 21 were real, and so well funded, and if Agenda 21 wanted to depopulate the planet, there are much easier and more effective ways of doing so – biologicals for example, can very easily target those you don’t want while vaccines can protect those you want to save. If you want to worry about the ultimate genocide, worry about biologicals.

        No, this disaster was the result of TEPCOs yen-pinching and weak safety culture, it was a result of a captive regulator doing nothing, it was the result of the wrong people being placed in positions of serious responsibility.

        As for justice, it has always been an ideal concept. We as a species capable of behaving better than wild animals, can only try our best to achieve it. But without a vision, without a goal, we will get nowhere. Don’t give up on ideals Michelle.

        Finally, on a very practical level, my main point here is that the political parties need to see that this steamroller of a movement WILL shut down nuclear power in Japan. They can either help drive it, or they will get crushed by it. Simple as that.

        1. Well spoken !
          The main goal of Japanese people against nuclear power now should be to convince other people that the nuclear industry was not built for energy reasons (official propaganda for decades) but to enrich a few irresponsible greedy Japanese people (billionaires, politicians, public officials) and to covertly build a nuclear bomb, with the complicity of American billionaires, politicians and secret services/military.
          They also have to join the Green party, or to create one or two new political parties totally against nuclear power, and to forbid politicians from current parties to infiltrate them. Their political goal should be to create a new constitution and write new laws to organize production of food, energy, goods and services according to a sacred principle : life above all !

  4. The administrators of death have woken up the tiger!!!! The managers of Capital along with the whole bureaucratic apparatus of control and violence are fooling themselves if they think that the Japanese people will acquiese obediently and passively to their mad stupidity, for in Waking Up The Tiger they are waking up a historical memory of resistance and struggle against power. An unwritten history that unfolds through centuries of brutal and bloody repression of peasants, workers , women and children, a secret history of resistance and uprisings, of feasts and dance,of song, of love. These is the real Japan which today in face of the threat to the life of its people wants to dream of what is possible.
    Alexis Viera

  5. I find your dedication to try and save your country from thoses coocks so inspiring. Keep it up and I will continue to suport the news so everyone will know what a great jog you are doing.

  6. see the great people of japan come together and stop the incidious crimes against humanity let this be a eye opener for the world we must all agree to join together to help japan and her people

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