Bura bura disease ? Fukushima children can’t climb a jungle gym


Strong fatigue like Bura bura disease is observed among Fukushima children. It is not confirmed the relationship between radiation and their fatigue yet.
On 7/9/2012, Ms. Hagiwara, an Economic journalist interviewed Ms. Shikamata, the principal of “Tsukushimbo nursery school” in Koriyama Fukushima. It’s restricted for children to play outside for up to 15 minutes a day. The atmospheric dose is 1.5 μSv/h around the nursery school. (60km from Fukushima plant)
She is concerned about the decrease of physical strength of the students. “Children can’t even climb a jungle gym or a slide after an interval though they used to climb them before 311. Now it’s when they physically grow up, I guess it is because the children couldn’t go out for a long time because of radiation.”


Ms. Hagiwara also visited another nursery school “Sakura nursery school” located at the bottom of Hanamiyama in Watari area, Fukushima city. (cf. Reality in Fukushima [Video])
It was banned to enter this area last year,radiation level is still very high.
79 of 0 ~ 5 years old children still go to Sakura nursery school. (The quota is 90.)
A mother of the student told Ms. Hagiwara that the children don’t want to go outside or play outside.
She thinks it’s because children feel how concerned their parents are.

Tepco and government are forward to restart nuclear plants but they haven’t even paid 12,800 USD of decontamination cost to this nursery school.


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