AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias -Japanese having revolution

Ajisai = Hydrangea [Wikipedia]

AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias


AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias 2


AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias 3

↑ Protest of 7/6/2012



16 months have passed. None of the official data has been released from the government,but thousands of the death are suspected to have something to do with radiation. From children to old people, from Fukushima to Tokyo, and even to California, countless number of lives are threatened, unborn lives are deprived.

Men and women, who were healthy until 311, are suffering from unknown symptoms and government is prohibiting hospitals from treating them properly.

To downplay the worst nuclear accident, governments, massmedia, companies and public organizations have been concealing information, kept manipulating people.

On the pretext of “stable power supply”, Japanese government and power companies are boiling water in the worst way in space -nuclear power. From India, England, and to Japan, you see numbers of dead bodies in the bottom of the vessels.

It’s not only fallout from Fukushima, but it’s also radioactive debris and contaminated food to kill us survivors. Knowing they are all contaminated, Japanese government is moving the debris to all around in Japan, and even to Saipan US, instead of moving children and citizens.

and now, no food is left uncontaminated.

What can we feed our babies ? Japanese government made our babies the final disposal site.


We have no information, no safe food, nowhere to go, but the government restarted Ohi nuclear plant and they are planning to restart Monju, fast-breeding reactor in August.

Will we let them kill ourselves to the last man?

No, we won’t.

What the government restarted was not the nuclear plant. They restarted our spirit.

We will fight to the last man.

but we are having more and more last men. From Osaka, Chiba, Ohi, and in Tokyo, more and more people are joining protest.

Ohi three hundred showed us how to fight. Japanese government restarted the nuclear plant, but we will never give up.


Please watch us standing. We were the sleeping crane for years. Wings are broken, feathers fell out, but we are finally waking up. We are going to stand up again and spread the wings to kill all the ticks that bred while we were sleeping too long. We are already exposed too much, but there are still new lives underneath the feathers.

On 6/29/2012, the wings of 200,000 people surrounded official residence.

The next Friday, police tried to keep us underground though streets and official residence are all made by our own tax.

but this is just the beginning.


Japanese and French named the series of protest “AJISAI revolution / La révolution des hortensias”. Ajisai is hydrangea.

It blooms in June, a lot of small flowers make one big flower. It has variety of colors and one flower changes its color as well.

This protest has nothing to do with ideology. This is the survival instinct of human nature.

We will never forgive the government, and will never forget what they have done.

We are going to change our country by ourselves.

This is the war of the truth to annihilate all the lies of government.


Please keep us supported and tell your neighbor what we are doing. This is the war against mass media, power companies, and all those tax eaters to get our land back.


“No restart. We don’t feel “the life” in it.” [Link]

Ajisai revolution


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<Settlement report 7/9~7/11/2012>

Settlement report 7/9~7/11/2012


Settlement report 7/9~7/11/2012 2



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