Fukushima worker “Shortage of nuclear worker is becoming serious”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 is concerned about the shortage of nuclear workers.

Decommissioning of nuclear plant is estimated to take decades.

He tweeted like these below,,




All of the second sub-contract companies to work in Fukushima are struggling with collecting nuclear workers. No benefit is given unlike just after 311. Some of the nuclear workers are paid less than decontamination workers. It seems like Tepco and the first sub-contract companies don’t take the situation too seriously.





I’ve been tweeting about this since last year, but I think the shortage of skillful nuclear workers is becoming real. Especially Fukushima workers can’t get the next job because they have exceeded the yearly dose limit, more and more sub-contract companies will have to be closed. Actually some of the nuclear workers and sub-contract companies are struggling to continue working.




  1. Well the plants are still active and and overdosing everyone that gets near, I good idea would be to stop the fissioning nuclear fuel first. Those coriums are fissioning, for reference see steam on tepco cam.

  2. Time to get all those Nuke Shills to step up to the plate and prove they are not afraid of exposure to the radioactivity they say is ok! in other words if you belive nuke power is safe to use then go work at Fukushiuma and prove it!

  3. inventory numbers> No. 4 reactor building has 1,331 spent and 204 unused nuclear fuel assemblies. Each assembly contains approximately 70 to 90 rods, with a total of 460 tons of nuclear fuel was in it. The common spent-fuel pool contains 6,375 assemblies and is 50 meters away. The total number of the spent-fuel assemblies at the Fukushima Daiichi site excluding the assemblies making up the current “in use” reactor cores is 11,421 assemblies. Assembliesare also called bundles.

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le travailleur de Fukushima : “Le manque de travailleurs du nucléaire commence à devenir préoccupant”
    Par Mochizuki, le 5 juillet 2012 · 2 Commentaires

    Le travailleur actuellement à Fukushima, Happy11311, s’inquiète du manque de travailleurs du nucléaire.

    La mise hors service du complexe nucléaire est estimée en décades.

    Il a tweeté ceci :

    — ハッピーさん (@Happy11311) 7月 5, 2012
    (traduction) Toutes les sociétés sous-traitantes en second à Fukushima se battent pour trouver des travailleurs. Aucune prime n’est donnée, contrairement à avant le 11-3. Certains des travailleurs du nucléaire sont moins payés que ceux de la décontamination. On dirait que Tepco et les premières sociétés sous-traitantes ne prennent pas la situation vraiment au sérieux.(Fin)

    — ハッピーさん (@Happy11311) 7月 5, 2012
    (traduction)J’ai déjà tweeté sur ça l’an dernier mais je pense que la pénurie en travailleurs du nucléaire expérimentés commence à être réelle. Les travailleurs de Fukushima en particulier ne peuvent plus trouver de travail ensuite parce qu’ils ont dépassé la limite de dose annuelle, de plus en plus de sociétés sous-traitantes vont devoir fermer. De fait, quelques travailleurs du nucléaire et sociétés sous-traitantes se battent pour continuer le travail.(Fin)

  5. There is no doubt that leaving the fissionable material around for over 10 years while waiting to be completely cleaned up, is foolish. I should say that it is foolish at best and insanely, brutally dangerous at worst. The whole world is going suffer horribly for it, if a solution for all the stockpiled material is not dealt with completely and very soon. As it is, we have all (all of us in the world) got a good dose from Fuckushima.

  6. In the German TV documentary broadcast a couple of months ago, the engineer, who works at the FNPP in a professional capacity, Mr. Naka, said the same thing. He was very worried that they would soon start running out of workers, and they are. Maybe Governor Ishihara who loves nukes will go on down and pitch in a helping hand!

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