Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar



Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar

Mr. Homma [Twitter], a Japanese fisher in South Chiba talked on a Ustream radio on 6/2/2012.


Video streaming by Ustream

He has been fishing offshore of Chiba cape and Tokyo Bay for 4 years and a half.
He talked, he fished deformed fish at least twice a week.
Especially, deformation of fish living in or on seabed can be observed frequently, such as flatfish.
Deformed Japanese sea bass and Japanese amberjack, which are on the top of the food chain can be seen often too.

The common features are loss of caudal fin and spinal cord is twisted. The video below was taken by Mr. Homma.[Original]


He also states, those deformed fish are highly contaminated. He measured near 700 Bq/Kg from bass last Monday.
Other kinds of fish as much scad are less contaminated but not zero Bq/Kg.

When fish is distributed, the name of fishing port is concealed. He warns his friends about fish from Kanto area, but because a lot of people live on fishing, he can not announce the details of the problem.
From his explanation, deformed fish are sold unusually discounted. Discount Sushi bars called Kaitenzushi buy them to serve.

Image of Kaitenzushi. (Conveyer belt Sushi bar) Kaiten means rotate. Sushi is rotating on the belt and guests pick up and eat them. Because the Sushi is not fresh in the system, it is known to be cheap Sushi restaurants.

Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar2


Mr. Homma is afraid of being fired, but he doesn’t want to conceal the actual situation.
He commented, we must face the truth.



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