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Natural disasters

Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 – beginning

    I was living alone before 311, but I didn’t cook by myself. Because the gas and electricity were too expensive in my area, buying food at supermarket was


Tellurium132 reached Chigasaki in March 2011-[OVER SCALE]

Related to this article..Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012 Kanagawa prefectural institute of public health published the data of radiation contained in air, tap water, fall out in 2011. The monitoring

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco restarted coolant system of reactor 4

Following up this article..Reactor4 takes 3 more days to fix-Backup was stopped too Tepco restarted coolant system of SFP4 at 18:16  6/6/2012, announced in their daily press conference of 6/6/2012.


JAEA has dropped a page from its website which compared radioactive material to an angry wife

(Japan atomic energy agency : JAEA [Link])     <Quote 1> [Reuter]   Radiation: Shall I compare thee to an angry Japanese wife? By Miki Kayaoka TOKYO | Tue Jun

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor4 takes 3 more days to fix-Backup was stopped too

Following up this article..Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4 Tepco found a problem of insulation with the back up pump, they stopped it in the morning of 6/5/2012 as