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Reality in Fukushima 3

Following up this article..[Video] Reality in Fukushima 2 6/2/2012, contamination level of elementary and junior high school was measured in Koriyama Fukushima. The dosimeter calculates Bq/cm2. It is converted to

Natural disasters

M6.3 Chiba offshore and suspected censorship for earthquake alarm

M6.3 happened offshore Chiba. The scale was 3 in Ibaraki and Chiba. Tokyo citizens were talking it last so long.     A medical journalist in Fukushima tweeted like this


More deformed kitten around in Tokyo

Related to this article..Deformed kitten The picture of a deformed kitten with 2 fingers was posted on Twitter. The mother is a house cat, father was a stray cat. The


4,800 Bq/Kg of iodine 131 was measured in Tokyo

4,800 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 [Link] was measured from fly incineration ash of Ariake waste incineration plant. The sample was taken 5/17/2012. It’s located beside Rainbow bridge or Odaiba, where

Spent Fuel Pools

Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4

Following up this article..Coolant system stopped at reactor 4 again, back-up turned on Tepco published the pictures of burnt motor on their daily press conference of 6/5/2012.      

Spent Fuel Pools

Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012

Gas / steam/ evaporated water came out from reactor 4 to cover the building around on 6/4/2012. It was from 12:50. ↓ 2:25 ~ ↓ Before ↓ After The weather

Spent Fuel Pools

Coolant system stopped at reactor 4 again, back-up turned on

      Tepco reported an alarm sounded for secondary cooling water pump at 20:00 6/4/2012, the pump automatically stopped. They found burn marks on the terminal of the pump’s