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Spent Fuel Pools

Coolant system of SFP in reactor2 is stopped

Since 14:01 of 6/27/2012, the coolant system of SFP2 has been stopped. They confirmed the cooling pump of systemA automatically stopped by the web camera of the seismic isolation building


Mother, son, and radiation

Mr. Suzuki, a freelance journalist took a picture of a Fukushima park.     涙が落ちそうになりながら撮影した1枚。男の子は楽しそうにシャボン玉。お母さんも幸せそう。しかし、放射線量は0.7μSV/h超… (21世紀記念公園) #郡山市 #被曝 @frcsrjp… — 鈴木博喜(兼業フリー記者)さん (@s_hiroki24) 6月 26, 2012 <Translate> took this picture with my tears


Nuclear flounder bomb loaded

Following up this article..Plutonium measured from marine products fished offshore Fukushima Having measured cesium and plutonium from various kinds of fish, Fukushima prefecture released 100,000 fry of flounders to  offshore

Core removing struggle

[Reactor1] Dosemeter indicated 10.3Sv/h and spiked to 1,000,000 Sv/h to be out of order

Following up this article..You can’t work longer than 30 mins in reactor1 because of too much radiation The detailed data of the endoscope operation [LINK] was published. The dose meter


You can’t work longer than 30 mins in reactor1 because of too much radiation

Following up this article..Endoscope operation at reactor1 “Suppression chamber is broken, flooded water is hotter than PCV” Actual Fukushima worker, Happy11311 tweeted like this below   ただいまっ(^O^)今日は快晴で暑すぎずに爽やかな快適な中で作業出来たでし。1号機の建屋内は線量高いけど…。相変わらず作業は1人30分が限界でし…。いっぱいつぶやきたいけど今日はお疲れモードなんでスマンこってでし。あと総理の消費税記者会見見て更に疲れが増したでし。でわでわ。 — ハッピーさん (@Happy11311)