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Plant hazard

Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor1

Hydrogen concentration of reactor 1 has been fluctuating violently since 6/3/2012. On the daily press conference of 6/4/2012, Tepco explained hydrogen gas is heterogeneous inside of PCV, the indicator captured the


Monitoring post shows radiation level lower than actual by 0.6~0.7μSv/h

Following up this article..A Fukushima citizen proved monitoring post was manipulated The movie to capture the manipulation of official monitoring post. This is located at JR Koriyama station. Actual radiation


Reality in Fukushima 4

Following up this article..Reality in Fukushima 3 On the same condition, radiation level was measured at more schools in Koriyama city Fukushima.     Original version Iori Mochizuki

Sea contamination

Cesium 134/137 found in Hachijo jima 494 km from Fukushima

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in Hachijo jima, where is 494km south to Fukushima. In this far island of Pacific ocean, they measured cesium from the play ground of