Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012

Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012


Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012 2


Thank you very much for your support.

I’m preparing for my next journey.  I thought I didn’t have anything to throw away anymore when I left Japan, but I’m still throwing away some clothes. I don’t need 2 pieces of coat. One clothes, one purpose. and I know they are contaminated.

Some of them are from my university days. Looking back the time, and before 311, everything was so peaceful. Ground was ground, food was food. You can even touch dead leaves. When you see the advertisement of bars, you don’t have to worry about Bq/kg. You can breathe in the wind. Sickness was curable. Children were promised to live long. You didn’t have to feel sad to see playing children on the street. The smell of the green was authentic, protests were funny. We thought about CDs, movies, TV shows, Manga etc.. There were nothing more serious.

Looking back those times, everywhere was like a living room with clean carpet. You could have lied on the street, you were literally allowed to live.

and then, everything changed. On 3/15, when fallout came to Tokyo, I was working outside. Because I was a civil engineer, I sometimes had to sit down on the street, touch the soil, breathed in dust. and it continued until December. I don’t know how much I was contaminated. I touched it. Some people say there is remediation, but they are almost nothing. Exposure is irreversible. Radiation exposure is the matter of your attitude toward life. Can you sacrifice what you have for the future ? This is what matters.

It doesn’t sound. no taste. You can’t see it. but from my research, Tokyo is as contaminated as Kiev. Entire Japan will be severely contaminated too because of debris. Even without the debris, you would eat contaminated food.

You must find it happy to be able to see children without being reminded of death.

I don’t want to regret when something happens. When it happens, I want to say to myself, “Yes, I did everything I could do. I did more than my best, but it was inevitable.”  but I don’t think I’m doing my best yet. I could warn more, I could save more people in Japan. My life is full of self-resentment, but I want to feel like I did everything when I die at least.

If you feel something to read this, I would like you to re-think, did you try ?

I know you are trying hard everyday. but it’s not that.

Today I posted the historical moment when the government lied to the tax payers. [Link]

The world is full of hypocrisy. Too many people try to ignore the truth and live in idleness. Giving up changing and accept the manipulated justice. You may not change it, but if you don’t try, you are as guilty as them.

If your country still has nuclear plants, you can still stop them. Japan is over, but you still have time. Don’t follow after Japan.



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