Settlement report 5/18/2012

Donation : 104.00USD

Expense : 444.10USD (Coffee, train and airplane ticket)

Left in gat : -340.10USD


Goal : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan)

Current total : 720.00 USD

To go : 1,280.00 USD


Thank you for your support as always. Recently I’m buying airplane tickets to the next destination. I’m going to North America before europeanized too much.

Yesterday, one of the subscribers of 20USD monthly cancelled the subscription. I don’t know why, maybe something happened to his/her life but I couldn’t help thinking my articles were not useful enough.


About this article..Mutated canola looking like a new kind of plants

That was very shocking to me, and I received some questions.

1. Do people still live where it grows ?

→ Yes, of course. It’s along Edogawa river to run in Tokyo as well. The picture was taken in Chiba, right next to Tokyo.

2. Is it ok to touch without globe ?

→ Not ok but not too serious. The problem is the contaminated soil and water. The plant is messed up but doesn’t emit radiation from its body.

3. How does normal canola look ?

→ I attached the picture on the original artilce.

4. Why does nobody take it to a lab ?

→ As far as we know, none of the Japanese labs check those “stressed” plants. One of my old classmate is in Tokyo university  gene engineering devision but he says probably there is no lab to check it too. I wish I knew if there was.



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