Double-headed flowers

Following up this article..Mutated canola looking like a new kind of plants

Double-headed type of mutation found in Chiba and Gunma.


↓ Nagareyama city Chiba. Known to be hot spot.

Double-headed flowers




↓ Rose in Gunma

Double-headed flowers2



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  1. The flower in the first picture appears to me to Coreopsis.

    I am having some mutations too Iori… I have tagged Nika since I know she assists you AND she is a scientist.

      1. Thank you. Still most of people say it has nothing to do with radiation, but all the other factors, temperature, humidity, sun, rain, chemical pollution, fertilizer have been the same for these 50 years, only except for radiation.

    1. Hello, I have three headed and doubled headed flower mutations in my Zagreb coreopsis. I just noticed these freakish flowers tonight. Other flowers look malformed and stunted. I am not seeing any well formed flowers. I dont remember this in previous years and I find it to be very uncomforting. I did a web search and discovered this page. I am in Kentucky, USA

  2. I have 2 buds on roses here in San Francisco area. Lavender with straight stems and then an area where they are all zig zagged. Lemon tree with one branch of leaves bigger than my hand. One tree with spots on leaves after the rain but not on the fresh new leaves… We are all in trouble. I had the worst cold of my life that lasted 5-6 weeks and would NOT clear, as did many here. Sore throats, sore lungs. Back in March-April 2011 a ‘hot’ piece of dust got in my eye and burned my eye temporarily… Would love to hear if others are experiencing anything. Met a woman working here from Chiba, she just says “Shikata ga nai” as I tell her what I know about Fukushima… The media blackout here and ignorance is unbearable. NOBODY wants to here anything here. United States of Denial. Ah, except one woman I met at a workshop: she knew all about what was going on and Arnie Gunderson and the alternative news sources, yeah, there is a glimmer of hope.

    1. @Rad Mama, check out this story about allergies in Sonoma! Three times as many people, lots of kids, people who never had allergies before showing up for treatment. I’m about midway between SF and Santa Rosa. My sinus problems are chronic and noticed more lung tightness in last two weeks. No nosebleeds TG! The air is almost unbreathable with ‘pollen’ said to mostly grasses but unlike any previous grass allergies seen previously by locals- 😉 I don’t buy it.

      I’ve noticed a little bruising on exposed feet and hands. Last week I had a very sudden bruise/blister bubble up and itch at the base of my most used, R index finger – scary (never happenend before). Talk to the locals here and there are no worries, outside animals rolling in dirt, drinkin’ out of puddles – does not bode well. I can feel that those who know what’s going on are afraid to talk. One person told me ‘she had no control over these things’ so she meditates and another said ‘oh, it’s the end of the world story.’ I said noo, it’s the ‘going to hell in a handbasket story’ – end of conversation. So far I haven’t seen any flower anomalies although, after winter pruning, our roses came up with the usual one stalk-one flower and two separate stalks, each with multiple short stalks and many buds. Maybe that’s usual? There is much clay in the soil up here so it’s possible that some of the plant radiation uptake is being mitigated. No meter so no worries (ya, right).

      Thanks for your post! The silence in the Bay Area is deafening lately. I am a quiet and a slow burn type, however, if and when R4 goes over, all bets are off- 🙂

      1. Apologies for grammatical typos. I was sucked into watching tanuki-dog convulsing violently on the fuku cam. Very sad. Time to sleep now to forget the horrors after catching up on Fuku news.

      2. California is screwed every way to Sunday. They are purposely crashing the economy here and around the world. Their plan whether or not anyone wants to believe it is to usher in a one world government. Agenda 21, population reduction through radiation poisoning and other means but this is definitely the nail in all our coffins. Forced inocculation is also on their agenda or doctors will refuse treatment and in some places already have. I recommend praying daily that the blinders are lifted and all is revealed at breakneck speed because we haven’t much time left to stop this. Christians will tell you there’s nothing you can do but I believe with god all things are possible. I just hope I’m right.

      3. Thank you Kathryn. I don’t feel so alone in this deafening silence in this sea of denial. I wanted to photograph all the yellow ‘dust’ pollen or whatever it is on my car today: covered…. Is there a lab I can send it to, anybody know??? I also want to send in the filter from my vacuum I saved in a baggy. Yes, I agree with you about the allergy article in Sonoma… I bet Fuku had something to do with the respiratory issues. My lungs feel irritated or should I say irradiated… My energy is lower than usual… fatigue… My body is achy, anyone else having symptoms of things in Northern California? I eat less meat and fish now… I really wouldn’t trust Pacific caught fish at all. I want to post the photos, video of the things in my yard.. Yes, I am documenting what I find. I even documented what I say back in March, April 2011…. the ‘yellow’ residue near drains, cars from different areas at a museum parking lot all covered in ‘yellow’ pollen… etc… And the black soot as well. I don’t recall ever seeing this much black dust, dirt on cars so quickly…. I was my car and it is dirty so fast these days. People tell me ‘it’s just diesel exhaust dirt’ from ships or freeway… I wonder. I so want a geiger counter… Santa, ya listening? If 4 collapses, I’m gonna go get drunk. 🙂

        1. Right now you are at the same time a guinea pig and observing a guinea pig (yourself) in a scientific way.
          You should put an end to this deadly craziness by evacuating to the East Coast, or to South America.

          1. Excuse my typo’s. Radiation made me do it. Can’t evacuate for various reasons. Shit.

            1. If there was a war, an invasion by barbarians like back in the days in Europe or elsewhere, you would evacuate, you would not find a single excuse.
              It is an invasion by radioactive particles. You should not accept any excuse.

        2. the black dust is probably from all these coal trains coming up the coast. its terrible. but thats just about the black dust. the mutations in plants i feel could be a number of bad things including the coal, radiation, NATURAL* or unnatural climate change or other many things that i dont know what are. but i dont think all is caused from radiation. people should quit dumping chemicals and pills down the toilet. and the past is full of human waste products like such.
          *(oh hey, i say natural because i do beleive that the planet has the ability to re-create itself according to climate changes and mabe the planet changes the climate also. not to say we are not to blame for our pollution, becuase we should always try to clean up after ourselves and never go all-out with new technologies we dont fully understand the long run with. but i do think there are real long ‘seasons’ that the earth lives by also. so mabe she’s just getting rid of certain plants and other things that just wont fit into the next long season. of course there will be others to take their place in the dirt and will have a purpose of the season if any of this is true.)

          1. oh, also, i am not saying the irradiated plants are not irradiated, because i have seen some strange this in my neck of the woods also, and that is why i looked for internet answers and ended up on this website of great interest. i am a pacific northwest washington inhabitant and am worried also about coastal radiation from fukushima.

    2. I’m on the Peninsula and had something go down my throat – just one particular breath in while on a short walk – that had me coughing and doubled over. It burst in my upper lung and caused so much pain in my neck, shoulders and lungs I thought I would pass out. Took days for the soreness to go away. Particle?

  3. I have such a rose in my garden actually. I live in germany
    I think it can happen because of radioactivity, but it can also be just nature.
    does it appear very very often in japan? more than usual?

    1. it does not happen in nature – radiation from Chernobyl fell in Germany and that is the likeliest cause of the mutation in your garden.

  4. Watch out for what I call dry rain( easier to see at night), falls fast like rain but you don’t get wet. I have seen it a few times now and the last time I had my wife come outside just to make sure it wasn’t my eyes, yes she saw it too.

    1. DRY RAIN happens a lot where I live, it’s normal here. Our air is so dry, a desert, the rain evaporates before it hits the ground. Creates a cool wind. There’s a name for it, but I can’t think of it right now, sorry.

  5. I almost forgot, did anyone else come across a story on FOX Snooze about the Japanese people becoming extinct because of a very low birthrate? I thought to myself, you evil bastards! It’s almost as if their rubbing it in our faces. There is definitely something wrong with these people.

    1. mel, i too heard that story, i don’t know where i heard it, but i believe it was sometime right before 3/11 or right after. fyi.

    1. They say plants mutation happens often but I haven’t seen myself so far. Never.
      and now I’m in Europe now, but I never seen such a thing though I take a walk around in a park.

      1. Yes, the same for me – the only place I ever saw this was in thistles, in a very contaminated area of a tree farm license I was cycling in, many years ago. Now, this kind of genetic damage is showing up in plants in my backyard, which is organic and carefully monitored. I can only wonder what the next Spring will bring…no birds? Worse?

        thanks so much for giving us all this news…we need to know, e’en tho it be sorrow.

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  7. I found this site after searching for double headed flowers. I am in Boulder, Colorado where the USGS has already admitted that we have a high level of radiation from Fukishima. Our veggie garden this year has experienced some really strange things. Double headed flowers all over, some producing double vegetables. Mutants that are not in the norm. I have never seen so many. The plants are also having a hard time. Appear wilted, leaves curling, black stalks, lots of strange things. We have tested the soil, ph’s, and checked for disease, none of this is the factor. I am currently giving the veggies a high calcium cocktail to see if this helps. On the human front I am having nose bleeds, feel really tired, nausua for no reason, sinus cavities hurt, headaches, and lungs feel like they are full of gunk. I have never had allergies, I’m 34 years old. No one can tell me this shit isn’t from Fukishima. Been gardening as long as I’ve been walking so I would know if something was off from previous seasons. When is the media going to tell us we are all in being exposed. Making miso soup everyday from here on out.

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