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Effects to be confirmed

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

Donation : 213.00 USD Expense : Grocery 8.30USD Left in hat : 204.7USD Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 1324.00 USD


Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants

    Massive gas covered Fukushima plants from 2:30 ~ 5:00 AM of 5/2/2012 (JST). It looks like it came from around reactor 3, 4. Tepco explained to Japanese comedian


2,566,720Bq/㎡ in Edogawa ku Tokyo

Following up this article..Tokyo is contaminated as the worst place in Chernobyl 39,488 Bq/Kg of cesium (134 + 137) was measured in Edogawa ku in Tokyo. It equals to 2,566,720Bq/㎡. In