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Settlement report 5/27/2012

Donation : 44.00USD Expense : 0.00USD Left in hat : 44.00USD   Goal : 3,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan plus new server cost) Current total : 2,215.40 USD


JP gov gave up decontaminating only by Japanese resource

<Quote> [Link] Inviting U.S. firm group for decontamination in Fukushima May. 22, 2012 TOKYO –The Japanese government decided to invite a group of U.S. firms to ensure decontamination of areas

Core removing struggle

Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011

In nuclear accident investigation committee, Edano admitted he recognized the fact of melt through on 3/13/2011. He testified that for the question of lawyer Nomura, a member of the investigation


Tritium is contained 34 times the amount of total gamma nuclides in desalinization apparatus

Tepco is running the water circulation system to purify. However, it only filters gamme nuclide, beta ones remain the same. They release only the data of the gross amount of


Alga was known to selectively absorb radionuclides

Following up this article..240,000 Bq/Kg at 5km from Imperial Palace The nature of alga to absorb radionuclide was studied before they found black substance in Minamisoma.   <Quote> [Link] April

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco removing 2 fuel assemblies from reactor4

    Tepco is attempting to remove 2 assemblies from reactor4 around in July for a test. The assemblies are new ones, which are not fissioning to heat supposedly. They