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Settlement report 5/1 ~ 5/4/2012

Donation : 248.00USD Expense : 22.00USD Left in gat : 226.00USD   Goal : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan) Current total : 248.00 USD To go : 1,752.00


“I’ve never seen birds in that poor of a condition come back to New Zealand.”

Related to this article..How contaminated a bird is in Fukushima <Quote>     Muttonbirds affected by Fukushima – researcher By Paul Harper   10:55 AM Monday Apr 30, 2012 Some muttonbirds


Hydrogen concentration increasing

Following up this article..Air pressure is increasing in container vessel of reactor 2 Since Tepco increased air exhausting amount from 17 m3/h to 38 m3/h on 4/24/2012, hydrogen concentration of reactor2

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Limitless dosage of nuclear workers

Following up this article..Tepco started manipulating dosage of nuclear workers <Quote> Gov’t agency sought to raise Fukushima radiation exposure limit to 350 millisieverts The government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco started manipulating dosage of nuclear workers

On 4/26/2012, Tepco announced their new treatment about the seismic isolated building.   <Quote> Press Releases Press Release (Apr 26,2012) Report submitted to NISA requesting a switchover to “Uncontrolled” status