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570 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 was measured in Gunma

Following up this article..Iodine 131 measured in Kawasaki, Yokohama, Chiba and Gunma The highest reading of Iodine 131 to suggest the possibility of recriticality was measured in the small city

Natural disasters

Fukushima Daini was submerged

  Following up this article..Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini Weekly Asahi reported Fukushima Daini was severely damaged by Tsunami and lost its coolant system as well. Tepco related workers state,

Plant hazard

Thermometers of reactor 2 indicate abnormal transition of temperature

Following up this article..Possible recriticality in reactor2 From the evening of 5/28/2012 (JST), 4 thermometers of reactor 2 have been showing abnormal temperature transition. Tepco states recriticality is not going


Double-headed dandelion again

Following up this article..Black substance in Hitachi city Ibaraki Double-headed dandelion was found in Kasumigaura city Ibaraki.     Source     Iori Mochizuki  

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Possible recriticality in reactor2

  Weekly Asahi reported they obtained the email leaked from Tepco. It was sent from a staff of engineering devision to his coworker and a nuclear expert. It warned the

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker hunting from overseas

Tepco related companies are starting to hunt Fukushima workers from overseas. The conditions look like typical false information for nuclear working job. The newspaper below is for Japanese Brazilian.