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Paranormal activity on Fukushima live camera

    From 23:00  5/6/2012 to 4:00  5/7/2012, the archive of Fukushima live camera become abstract. Each video is supposed to be 3 minutes but these archives are 0:02 ~


33mSv/y measured at over 26 schools in Fukushima and it’s concealed

      Following up this article..Koriyama board of education stops decontamination of schools Over 14 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools and 5 nursery schools in Koriyama city of

Natural disasters Sea contamination

Does radiation travel across the sea ?

  <Quote> Tracking Japan’s Tsunami Debris Using historical weather patterns, NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory developed this model of how debris will circulate across the Pacific Ocean. Although a year


More giant dandelions in Tokyo

『巨大タンポポ』無残に蹴られた痕跡。あの情報だけで良く探し当てたと思う!『巨大タンポポ』の存在を隠したい者の仕業?そして隣のミカン畑は0.16μSV/h。ここはマイクロホットスポット!? #内部被曝 #奇形植物 #巨大タンポポ… — 猫野 馬美(@classictutu) May 6, 2012   <Translate> [Giant dandelion] Dandelions are cruelly kicked around.Is it because of someone who wants to conceal the truth?


Deformed oxalis

Following up this article..More and more mutated dandelions in Tokyo Deformed oxalis is found in Saitama city. ↓ Normal oxalis <5/6/2012> ↓ Large and 2 leaves of oxalis ↓ Large