Settlement report 4/6~4/7/2012

Donation : 183.00 USD

Expense : Rice 0.65 USD,  Soup : 1.65 USD, Coffee : 7.60 USD, Kebab : 3.80 USD

Left in hat : 169.30 USD


Thank you very much. I received a lot of the donations since I asked you all.

I sometimes receive request to let all the comments approved automatically. Currently, it’s already almost automatically approved but at least it takes some time to appear on the page. It’s difficult to have a simultaneous conversation by using the comment function. (Did you try livechat and forum ?)

However,  the problem is the trolls. Now so many people want to kill Mochizuki Iori, if I let them appear automatically, it will be a troll magnet.

Even Enenews came to me to talk about trolls because a troll started personal attack to other readers and Enenews itself. It was impossible for them to control all the conversation because they hadn’t checked all the posts before.

However, it was easy for Fukushima Diary to take a control because we know what is going on though it’s not throughout.

I wish if I could make it free totally, but do you really want to have dinner where all the bugs, frogs and snakes come to steal your meal freely ?

There is another point that I may increase traffic by letting comment appear without checking. That might be true. Actually Enenews has higher rank whether it’s because of the free commenting system or not.

However, Fukushima Diary is not for traffic, never be for google rank even if it kills donation. All for the contents.

I clearly feel the era of google is over. I don’t even google to search. Google does search Fukushima Diary to add to the search result. I use google alert with the term of “Fukushima” but the result is always my own article. lol

Google results are often from 2007 or 2008. It’s useless to know what IS going on.

Fukushima Diary is read by people to concern about Japan, leaving family in Japan, living in the west coast of America, living in Japan but not very familiar to the internet. I want to help those people, and they give me some money when they kindly appreciate what I do. This is our economy. There is no room for google. We don’t follow google. Google follows us.

If you try to earn traffic, you may fall into populism. It’s easy to earn the traffic. You only need to keep posting like reactor 4 may explode, reactor 2 may blow up, plutonium is in my pants, Godzilla is coming up etc.. then you’ll find yourself big and fat as FOX channel.

You may say, “so do we have to keep paying you money forever?!” No, please stay calm. Some media companies always read Fukushima diary. Sometimes they kindly put links on their articles, but sometimes don’t.

That’s ok. That is the internet, but as I said above, internet is changing. As more and more people start reading news on tablets or smart phones, internet ads will be hated more and more because it kills battery. In my opinion, internet advertisement will almost disappear in 5 or 6 years. Also, the biggest problem about internet advertisement is loyal repeaters don’t click it because they see it everyday, and then blog owners start treating loyal readers cold, which is totally meaningless. On the other hand, in the economy of donation, you get paid more if you have more loyal repeaters, which is more rational.

In that world, how do you make money from the web ? We shall already start geting used to the economy of donation.

I don’t think Fukushima Diary is perfect. It’s far from there.

However, I spend 99% of my time on researching. We bloggers are beyond google. How do we get news ? It’s back to the good old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” It’s all the work of web 0.0. Very very time consuming so I can’t cover the technical field. I therefore very much appreciate if someone offers help for design or technical matters.

Thank you very much.



  1. hello my friend sing loud and clear now is your time you are gaining momentum nothing can stop you now more and more are finding you

  2. Very well written Iori! I enjoyed that!
    But could there not be some companies that fit in your fold as advertisers. How about makers of sun panels, or wind turbines, or anyone else that is involved in alternative and clean elecrical power generation. I think noone of your readers would mind and it would give you some due income!

  3. I really liked this post Iori, much wisdom. It is obvious you are doing this to help the Japanese sheeple, and to get the news out to the rest of the world, not to make money.

    If you wanted to make money you would listen to businesspeople, but no one else can tell you what is in your heart and you are obviously following your heart on this, that is why so many people trust you and not the Japanese governments or other governments or the bullshit MSM.

    You have the thanks of many, think of the reward of even saving one Japanese child from this, and I’m sure your blog has convinced many parents of the need to leave Japan and you have already saved countless children.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I think there is another possibility regarding comments. What I always had in mind is this : you could publish automatically the comments of your long-time readers, and check the comments of the people you do not know before publishing them. That would be practical if you let us become members, like all the popular blogs and newspapers. By the way, their members do not seem to use chat and forum very much ; their favorite way of communication seems to be through comments under each article. I think what matters most is what works today, not what “may” work in the future.
    The thing is, if you want more money you need to change something(s).
    For example if your articles were rewritten by one or two or your readers who write English perfectly, then maybe you could sell them, for example through Inter Press Service (, or to some of the newspapers that quoted your articles.
    Also, some kind of scale at the top of your homepage showing donations so far this month, and a target range in green would make your financial matters clearer. Also, clicking on that scale could link to an explanation of your budget/needs, and history of the donations you received and people who hosted you.
    I believe that if you want money from the people who read your website, you need to listen to them. Because you cannot force people to give you money (you are not the government), you need to think like a small company, doing market studies/research, analyzing the expectations of customers and potential customers, and conforming to them. Only big corporations and governments have the power/influence to make people obey advertisements and laws, the power to make people conform to the wishes of those in governments/corporations. As a one-man company, you have only one choice to be successful : think and act according to the famous motto : the client is king. To do that you must spend time understanding deeply the desires and psychology of your clients, and not only do what you want. Right now you want two things : researching and publishing as much information as possible every day, and money. Some of your “clients” are OK with that, some of your “clients” want more, or some changes. The question is : do you want to totally satisfy half of your “clients”, or all your “clients” ?
    What you must understand is that people want to communicate. Especially regarding bad news. The only way not to feel depressed when reading bad news is to communicate about them (you are in that position). Websites specialized in bad news with no comments feel gloomy. Websites specialized in bad news with lots of comments feel warm and increase people’s fighting spirit. (we want to be a little in your position, too)

  5. Google has declined in search value. Just not being able to see the pages on the far end of results, next to last, was a negative change and that was several years back. The last few years, it has gotten to the point where many searches turn up a swamp of unrelated items. Looking for businesses, it’s like a bad phone book, you only find a few, the rest are interspersed throughout billions of pages of other content.

  6. Yes, having some system, like special permissions for old reliable commenters who don’t troll, or something like that, would be cool. I think Lori’s site is just going to keep getting better. It’s already pretty cool.

  7. You are so correct about many things, including Google. I use alternative search engines, and deleted all google family accounts, including youtube. If others follow suit, then yes, even people who make money from youtube will see decreased revenues, because people who don’t have accounts can’s “thumbs up” or subscribe. Donations are the way to go, but also, as one person above suggests, your readers would not mind if you had small ads off to the side from eco-firms, like solar energy alternatives. They could “sponsor” you for a month and you could have “sponsored by x solar company” with a link to their website. Small, unobtrusive, but they’d be targeting their marketing to people who really care, so it’s a win-win. By the way, living in Europe, that is even more meaningful an idea. I just read an article on how Germany has so many advanced solar applications that the energy companies are going broke. Because people can use solar, feed back to grid, and feed to their own backup batteries for when days are cloudy. The solar technology has NOT advanced similarly here in the US, and so we can’t easily even FIND such alternative energy sources …. so perhaps helping connect us with germany companies???

  8. Alta Vista was sabotaged while Google was being developed. Ask around in the Silicon Valley. The view that Google is the NSA is pretty common.

    On a different topic. For those of us who have spent some time in Tokyo, could you suggest where to get tests done for exposure to radiation? There is a place advertising in Tokyo, but I do not trust them. Testing can be in Europe, North America, Asia, or just about anywhere.


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