Settlement report 4/11~4/13/2012

Donation : 53.00USD

Expense : Grocery 22.00 USD  Aroma candle 2.50USD

Left in hat : 28.50USD


Thank you for your support as always. I’m sorry for wasting your money on such a “aroma candle” thingy. lol

I’m a little tired from all the confusion about the SFP4. I’m still suspicious that they really settled it down. In the press conference in the evening on 4/13, they didn’t even announce the actual temperature of SFP, only said the temperature of the surface.

About my last column of Why charity doesn’t work for Japanese, I would like you to know I wasn’t meant to say charity is wasteful. No, never. I wanted everyone to think about it with me because I don’t know how to take them out either.

Now people are starting to notice evacuation is the only way to survive, and some people are irritated at Japanese still sticking to Japan.

They have a thought.. why ? why they don’t want to escape ? Do they want to die or are they idiot ? People outside try to guess but they sometimes get to the easy conclusion of “spiritualism”. They end up thinking, it’s because Japanese is like robot, which is because they are stupid, which is because they are lazy.. but this doesn’t solve anything. Even if you tell it to Japanese, “You are lazy and stupid”, Japanese will get even more stubborn. We must dig it deeper. “Spiritualism” is a trap of thought.

This is why I’m trying to imagine how it is working in Japanese mind, and I know I shouldn’t blame them too much. Japanese culture sure has a lot of flaws, just like all the other cultures. We shouldn’t bring up another useless fight. It stresses us as well.

I think we won’t know what is the correct answer. We can just repeat trial and error. However, one thing sure is, getting irritated at Japanese who don’t evacuate is not the answer.

However, I can’t take it that children are left dying. They don’t know anything, trust their parents and teachers 100% to eat what they’re served. There are a lot of news about contaminated school lunch. Every time I read those news and imagine how the children ate it, I feel like crying. If it’s only one time for them to eat mushroom of 1000Bq/Kg, it might not be so harmful, but it can’t be only mushroom to be contaminated. Sea weed, milk, meat, everything is contaminated, everyday. Those news only focus on one part of the entire situation. This is the worst child abuse.

If you hear your neighbor beating their children everyday, probably you will kick on the door and save the children. Now should we do that or not.. This is what’s giving me a headache.


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