Settlement report 4/11~4/13/2012

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Thank you for your support as always. I’m sorry for wasting your money on such a “aroma candle” thingy. lol

I’m a little tired from all the confusion about the SFP4. I’m still suspicious that they really settled it down. In the press conference in the evening on 4/13, they didn’t even announce the actual temperature of SFP, only said the temperature of the surface.

About my last column of Why charity doesn’t work for Japanese, I would like you to know I wasn’t meant to say charity is wasteful. No, never. I wanted everyone to think about it with me because I don’t know how to take them out either.

Now people are starting to notice evacuation is the only way to survive, and some people are irritated at Japanese still sticking to Japan.

They have a thought.. why ? why they don’t want to escape ? Do they want to die or are they idiot ? People outside try to guess but they sometimes get to the easy conclusion of “spiritualism”. They end up thinking, it’s because Japanese is like robot, which is because they are stupid, which is because they are lazy.. but this doesn’t solve anything. Even if you tell it to Japanese, “You are lazy and stupid”, Japanese will get even more stubborn. We must dig it deeper. “Spiritualism” is a trap of thought.

This is why I’m trying to imagine how it is working in Japanese mind, and I know I shouldn’t blame them too much. Japanese culture sure has a lot of flaws, just like all the other cultures. We shouldn’t bring up another useless fight. It stresses us as well.

I think we won’t know what is the correct answer. We can just repeat trial and error. However, one thing sure is, getting irritated at Japanese who don’t evacuate is not the answer.

However, I can’t take it that children are left dying. They don’t know anything, trust their parents and teachers 100% to eat what they’re served. There are a lot of news about contaminated school lunch. Every time I read those news and imagine how the children ate it, I feel like crying. If it’s only one time for them to eat mushroom of 1000Bq/Kg, it might not be so harmful, but it can’t be only mushroom to be contaminated. Sea weed, milk, meat, everything is contaminated, everyday. Those news only focus on one part of the entire situation. This is the worst child abuse.

If you hear your neighbor beating their children everyday, probably you will kick on the door and save the children. Now should we do that or not.. This is what’s giving me a headache.


  1. Hello Lori,

    i am living in Japan, but its not as bad as you make it out to be. While some of the food has higher levels of radiation, the majority of it being tested is fine. I don’t eat shitake mushrooms, so I dont have to worry. besides most of the shitake in resturants these days is from China, and who knows if its even real shitake. Besides, there is so much food that is just as bad or worse for your health. Ever seen the ingredients in a cup o noodles? I cant even pronouce half of them. haha. How about all the corn fed beef? Nothing is without risks these days as everything is made to keep the system functioning. If you don’t think that is true, I suggest you move to third world country and try living there for a few years. Then you see how priveleged yourself, those around you, me included are. Third world countries could probably make more efficient use of your skills and you could still keep on blogging.

    People are not worried and freaked out about that as much as you claim. Only people are those who are over paranoid and like to be controlled by fear.
    If you present over exaggerated fear, you can control peoples thoughts, actions and money.
    Thats what it appears you do always with your donation page, always begging and begging for presenting fear, and negative things.
    Very few people make good money blogging. Get a part time job, and continue your blogging.
    Your blog seems to only present negative things about Japan and after 3/11. There are still many good things, but you only publish negative things. You should try doing some more positive blogging once in a while. Maybe even just once a week.

    You also shouldn’t put that you buy aroma candle and new sunglasses and stuff. You always wearing like two pairs of sunglasses on your head, and looks like wasting donators money. 1 pair is enough, and you can pick flowers instead of needing aroma candles.


    1. If you dont like FD, dont read it!
      I am happy that Iori is blogging about the negative things in japan. When i want to read “everythings ok”-shit, i will visit tepcos website.
      And every $ i donate to Iori is for his personal use and if he needs a aroma candle or a second pair of sunglasses, it is ok!

      Iori keep up your work!



    2. Lori, please ignore this loser. What a load of crap he/she just dumped! I don’t care if you buy ten pair of sunglasses and ten aroma candles!!!! I seriously doubt anyone else who apreciates your message and supports you cares, either. Only someone trying to emotionally squash you would say that.

        1. Sure, makes sense! At the same time, I’m not going to let singasong get away without a “tip” for their trouble. 😉

    3. “Thats what it appears you do always with your donation page, always begging and begging for presenting fear, and negative things.”

      This wicked person will reap what they sow. I don’t care what religion you are, exploiting people to deceive them or encourage denial in the face of danger and trying to get them to submit to radiation is murder! Wickedness. Evil. Pure evil. Get right with God or something. Seriously, “singasong.”

      Lori is like a beam of hope in this disaster. We need to shine the light or people will stumble and when they fall, they will fall to radiation poisoning. It’s not positive or realistic to ignore the dangers of radiation or compare them to American food, as this faker “Japanese” person just did. What a giveaway! I know the Japanese used to eat better than Americans before radiation. They don’t eat aspartame, for example, but use stevia instead in ther zero calorie soda pops. And we are talking about the big brands like coke zero. No, the Japanese food would be better quality without radiation. Superior to the risky foods Americans eat.

      Anyway, it appears “singasong” reads your blog way too much. How would they know what you “always” do with your donation page if they aren’t keeping up on the radiation news themselves? I’d say get a life, zombie loser and stop reading real news if you think its fake or full of fear.

      @ “singasong” We don’t need your worthless, discouraging comments! If you want to post, try saying something that will actually help people trying to save their families from sickness and early grave.

  2. I understand your headache. I have been sharing your information with my sister, who has two young girls (in US). They already have health problems, and so I told her it wasn’t good for her kids to play in the rain. Now she realizes the truth of this, but is getting depressed as a result. She asked me, “how long?” and I had to reply, for the rest of their lives, unless maybe you go to southern hemisphere for a vacation. And then, as we learn more and more about SFP 4, and the realization that if it goes, nobody will be able to continue to maintain other reactor temperature (no more injections of water or nitrogen, boron, etc.), the idea that this may, as others have put it, result it serious or fatal consequences worldwide, it is too much for people. Why, oh why has the international community failed to step up and offer assistance to stabilize #4? Why no mass effort like those who sacrificed their lives at Chernobyl? Especially since sacrifice has long been part of the Japanese philosophy? Why is everything at Fukushima almost lethargic? Why no real news on Daini status, or other reactors that were affected? It tells me that, just maybe, the reason those in authority in all other nations that will be suffering the consequences want to allow this to happen??? Why? When it affects their children and grandchildren, etc.’s futures as well? Maybe they are all so selfish that they are not concerned? Maybe they think they can live forever in underground luxury bunkers? And that it doesn’t matter how the rest of humanity suffers? Okay, now I have a headache!

  3. I have been wondering about that too, Iori. It seems that help from outside is not wanted by Japan.

    There are many issues caused by the nuclear accident at F1. One of them is the transport of contamination and the consumption of contaminated food and water, dust in the air, and so on. Another is the reckless risk being taken in the (lack of) protection of children in particular and citizens in general. As you say, how to address this?

    Your note has stimulated the following commentary.

    1. The contamination has spread to other nations and territories – in particular the Pacific Ocean.

    2. The core melt actively to continue releasing ionising radiation including nuclear particles and more gross particles.

    3. The anecdotal black dust thought to be a form of monocellular colony energised by radioactivity needs urgent investigation as worst case scenario sees it as a wind-dispersable contaminant potentially threatening the whole of the Japanese mainland.

    4. As you and others point out, SFP 4 is a major real risk.

    5. The recent endoscopy on PRV 2 appears to show core melt above the water level. Notes on enenews and hope to upload clips in the next day or two.

    6. Progress on remediation/mitigation seems from the outside to be painfully slow and marked by indecision, confusion, and irrelevant activity.

    7. It seems that the authorities are in denial. Denial is a common human response to an unsustainable timeline. It’s usually dependent on the appetite for the familiar being stronger than the survival instinct.

    8. Denial is not solved by the person himself. It is resolved by friends family and neighbours recognising the denial and- not offering or persuading, but- enforcing policies and actions of help; and persisting with these maybe for life.

    9. For that reason I think that Japan and its “neighbours, friends and family” need to accept a support process. Nations need to recognise that it is impossible, for reasons of Denial, for your homeland to deal with the Fuku 1 disaster.

    10. As you say, there is a distinctive Japanese culture, not just art but way of thinking, rules of interpersonal dialogue, and so on. Other countries who see the need to help NEED to understand this and need to understand human psychology in order to make it work.

    11. Of course, site instrumentation and demolition follow. But first and foremost the recognition and the psychology.

    Very best wishes

    1. EQ’s and Tsunami’s will continue to threaten to cripple Japan’s economy until they shutdown their nuclear reactors and install safe and risk free Solar (of all flavors)… If Japanese Leaders were really doing their jobs they would be PUSHING the Government to adopt sweeping changes to Japan’s GRID and how it is powered…

      Maybe this will be the first of many:
      Posted on HP by mdinoregon
      Japan solar power plant to be largest in country

      The large Japanese company, Kyocera, a world leader in electric power plants and solar energy, announced it will build a giant 70-megawatt solar power station in the southern Japanese city of Kagoshima. The power station will help Japan address its power needs, which increased following the 2011 earthquake that also triggered the disaster at the nuclear power station. With 209,000 solar panels, it will be the largest solar power station ever built in Japan and will help reduce CO2 emissions by about 25,000 tons a year and could account for 40% of solar energy generated in Japan. The cost is estimated at around $310 million and work is scheduled to begin in July. . .

      1. Not sure if this is old news, but Spain has created a 24hour solar generator using simple inorganic salts as storage- no batteries needed and heat loss of 1% over the cycle. I believe it’s in the south of the country hence plenty of sun. But at least no complex manufacturing of PV panels needed. For nations with sunshine, looking like a good start.

        Best wishes

  4. I’m starting to think it would be really cool if aliens showed up. If there are any in the universe at all, they will come. Unless they want us to wipe ourselves out.

    I’m convinced that there is no long term human solution, and there won’t be one as long as the same usual suspects are in charge. They managed to domesticate the rest of the world into a quiet murmer of objection, so I doubt the solution will come from a subjugated population with few weapons, either. Either God himself intervenes, or ET or…. we’re done. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we start making plans to endure the short term pain of watching all the zombies die off, one by one, and attempting to hold our own presence here like pathetic survivors floating on boat reckage in the ocean.

    1. I think we have just as much of a chance of a “spiritual awakening” as we do of aliens showing up and ending global corruption (see the movie: The Day The Earth Stood Still -original version, not the remake)…

      One has only to look at China which has “absorbed” Tibet or Japan causing a Trillion Dollar GLOBAL Eco-Disaster as perfect examples of modern International Greed that is “just accepted” by the UN as they “pose and posture” while looking the other way!

  5. What does humanity know that can solve this? If we don’t know, we can mount no rescue for the children. Even if we all go south, how long will that survival attempt last? Both hemispheres must be mixing at some point.

    We all know that the storage tanks won’t last much longer. The worst case scenario is about to rear its head, short of a miracle.

  6. Hello I would like to say that I have tried to tell people in Japan that it is bad to stay there and that they need to leave for their safety I have also told them about this blog on a social networking site. Some of the Japanese told me that they were uncomfortable about what I said and blocked me, then the others said they thanked me for my concern.

    This is a serious situation and people need not ignore it. I’ve tried also to tell people here in america and they just can’t really believe it or they don’t care. They think because it’s not on the tv that it isn’t happening. They think everything is fine.

    Also you know what, I’m glad for you lori and all the people that read your blog. I tried to tell people right after this disaster that it would be bad but no one listen to me because I’m not from Japan or Japanese.

    1. Hardly anybody did believe in Divine Messages I’m publishing since the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, to make known Divine Recommendations, especially the one – repeated many times – to EVACUATE from Japan.
      Please learn more on

      Now, as dire consequences are felt by the Japanese population, some may have changed their mind.
      The big problem is : How to reach the population ?
      I tried hard by contacting Government, associations and the Press, I made publications on Twitter and blogs on Fukushima to get the warnings, predictions and recommendations known.
      Blessings to those who believed in Divine Messages !

  7. Many times the term “Saving Face” is presented as a description of what influences behavior. To cover up negative things and only appear to be “perfect”. This notion is a corruption of the people. For only truth is the means of having a face.

    To be honest and truthful is the way to saving face… To admit the existence of humanity and it has imperfection as a part of life. And, who knows what is perfection? To some a thing may be considered perfect while to another very flawed. To be saving face is not helpful if one denies the truth and is dishonest and hiding the truth. Let the Japanese people learn the true face is one of honor and respect for each other. There is no honor in deception of the people by attempting to save face. The influence of this philosophy makes people ashamed and unable to respond in the best way for all while attempting to cover up what is wrong.

    From my perspective as a US citizen of 55 years of age there is something the Japanese should know… We Love Japan and the people of this great nation. It is difficult to realize that we hurt your country so much and it is shameful that war has pervaded our world forever. It took nuclear bombs to convince the leaders to end their terrible war effort. Will it now take a nuclear disaster to convince the people to think differently about themselves and their historic philosophy of saving face. Will truth, honesty and compassion take their place amoungst the people there? Will Japan rise again as a power for good and lead the world in this way or will we again see how saving face has weakened the truth and hides reality? The face is only upon the surface… Now, we need the Japanese people to rise up and demand the old philosophy be realigned and fill the space behind the face with honor…

    Thank you, for being a voice of truth in this world so filled with corporate corruption at every turn… We are making progress in the face of global corruption by the elite. We will continue to tear at them until the corrupted ones no longer remain and the people will know happiness.

    Good luck to us all.

  8. To Iori M: I have to congratulate you on your article, ‘Why charity doesn’t work for Japanese’. It has stimulated people to think and express their opinions. Only a very well written article has the power to promote this kind of reaction. The proof is in the number of comments it has received. Thanks for posting all positive and negative comments. We need to hear both sides. 🙂

  9. Does anyone know any Tokyo real estate agents that can give us a sense of how much property values are dropping in Tokyo?

    That will be a great “yardstick” that we can use to track the effect of radiation moving south!

    1. I slightly doubt they don’t manipulate the data because it would damage their business.

  10. Hey there,

    You needed aromatherapy candles for your mental health!!! You should not have to justify each purchase. You are loved and appreciated for all of your hard labors. Thank you for everything.

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