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Domestic and global Environment

170,000 Bq/Kg from the soil of storage reservoir in Fukushima

Tohoku Regional Agricultural Administration Office and Fukushima prefectural government conducted radiation measurement for the ground soil of  14 storage reservoirs in Fukushima from 3/26 to 4/6/2012. Sample is dried soil from

Sea contamination

Researcher of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology arrested

        Following up this article..Cesium from Fukushima reached to 5000m deep in the sea in April Mr. Agata Yasushi (43), a technical chief of Japan Agency for

Contaminated water crisis

Local official purged for being against spreading radiation

      Mr. Murata Tomoaki, a town councilor of Manazuru town in Kanagawa received resignation advisory resolution from town council. He is blamed for commenting they should not spread


0.44~9.31 μSv/h after explosion of Chemical complex

Following up this article..NISA investigated chemical complex in Iwakuni Radiation level was picked up from 0.22~9.31 to 0.44~9.31 μSv/h around the depleted uranium after explosion. It was measured from 9:00

Contaminated water crisis

1.9E+9Bq of beta nuclide leaked

Contaminated water leaked at reverse osmosis membrane of desalination unit. (After collecting gamma nuclides) 4/27/2012  9:17 Sob-contract company worker found water leakage. 9:30  Tepco employee stopped the desalination unit. 9:35  Water


Spectrum measurement of black substance

Related to this article..4.2 million Bq/Kg of cesium from Black substance and microscope pics Gamma spectrum of black substance was recorded. <Quote> This is a sample from Fukushima a 3g


Prof. Takeda “3/31/2015 is the last day of Japan”

Prof. Takeda Kunihiko from Chubu university roughly estimated anyone can no longer live in Japan after 3/31/2015. According to his explanation, the yearly dose will reach 5mSv/y (External dose and

Spent Fuel Pools

Video of SFP4

Tepco published the video of SFP in reactor 4.   ↓ The pool is covered with white sheet.   ↓ Another pool beside SFP.   ↓ Yellow cover of the


4.2 million Bq/Kg of cesium from Black substance and microscope pics

Following up this article..Plutonium 238 measured in Minamisoma Mr. Oyama, Minamisoma city councilor measured 500CPM from a sample of black substance. The analysis results are like these below.. Date 4/9/2012


Plutonium 238 measured in Minamisoma

      Following up this article..0.27 μSv/h alpha ray on the roof of Minamisoma city hall 0.038 Bq/Kg (2.47Bq/m2) of Plutonium 238 was measured in Minamisoma. They also measured